Selling different types of services in online stores

If you provide additional service to the products you sell, such as a personalized engraving, an additional sofa edging, installation of a system or basic software to a sold computer, we have a ready to use solution for you. We have added a new, dedicated product type – a service.

If you have ever wondered how to sell services in an online shop or you have had issues with this type of sale, today we have a solution for you. Now you can add and highlight a service as an additional or supplemental option to sold products. Moreover, you can also sell service as a separate product. Thanks to this option you can inform your customers about the offered service easily.

How to sell service as a product in online shops?

Service is a special type of a product which is available in standard options of every IdoSell. You can enable service sale with just 1 click by setting a product type "service" on a product card in the administration panel. The service can be sold as:

  • a set component – for example, set of pens + personalized engraving (service)
  • a collection component – for example, a sofa + 2 armchairs + optional edging (service)
  • single service – for example, a device service or a logo design

The most important aspects of service as a product type

Service in contrast to a regular products has:

  • simplified warehouse management – you only indicate if service is available or not
  • optimized checkout process – if a customer has only one or few types of service in a basket, delivery methods will be hidden and we will only display quick payment options what makes the purchase process even simpler
  • a shop template is adjusted to legal requirements of service sale in online shops – your customer is informed that a product type he has in his basket is service

Service has also many essential characteristics of standard products:

  • unified presentation in a shop – pictures, descriptions, price depending on a version
  • possibility of being assigned to a menu, a series or a category
  • possibility of having attachments to download – e.g., terms and conditions of service
  • being offered for free – eg., above indicated basket value
  • being included in time-limited offers
  • being sold in cross-selling – buy tiles for 1000 GBP and we will design a bathroom for you (service)