Settings and offers sharing of a group of stores

Settings sharing is especially useful for large online retailers, as it allows for a very quick go-live of new online stores, by using existing configurations.

This feature is useful for any seller running multiple online stores. Whether you run a lot of online stores or are developing your Extended Sites, or considering this option, please read the instructions below. Sharing settings is another feature that saves your time and money. This way we can further reduce the barriers to your business growth. Now you can open an additional store not only at a low price, but also almost instantly, even in one day. This is crucial when negotiating with the partners from who you want to attract traffic, but also for the seasonal industry or for periodic promotions.

With one click, you can create a new store with the same merchandise, settings, language and currencies or adapt existing shop for new needs. As always, it is up to you which settings you want to share with the stores. As a result, you will be able to open a store under the auspices of a friendly industry service as well as a version of your store designed for foreign markets, mobile shop or a Facebook store.

Technical details regarding sharing and configuration of the tool are available after logging in.

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