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Text search engine with artificial intelligence

Up to 50 % of orders in online shops are processed by a shop search. Try Searching Pro and increase your shop sales by up to several percent!

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Higher conversions in your online shop

Easier product finding

Link products to the keywords that customers type in. For example, by adding the keyword 'gift for Valentine's Day' to the 'red roses' category, you will help them find what they are looking for.

Better User Experience

An easy search will facilitate your customers' shopping experience. They will associate your store with a positive experience and be more willing to make another purchase.

Increased sales

Thanks to an advanced algorithm that filters search results and lists of products, your customers will efficiently find the products they are interested in.

One tool, many possibilities

Benefit of choosing IdoSell #1

Suggest the most popular phrases typed by users

Don't worry about minor errors when searching. Thanks to a typo-correcting mechanism, the system will suggest the right products to customers.

Available only in Searching PRO

Display available products first

Show available products in the first positions in search results and product lists, regardless of the sorting selected by the customer.

Benefit of choosing IdoSell #2
Benefit wybrania IdoSell #3

Available only in Searching PRO

Find out what your customers are looking for

Kitchen or sink mixer? Use the report of the phrases entered by your customers and find out which of them are returning blank results. You will redirect them quickly to the most relevant products.

Professional search tool at a fair price

Searching Lite

For all subscription plans

0 zł

  • Search by product, category and CMS page
  • Search phrase suggestion while typing search terms
  • Customizable typo correction

Searching Pro

Only for Elastic Cloud and Cloud Pro


net/month in the Elastic Cloud plan *.


net/month in the Cloud Pro plan *


    Searching Lite

    functions plus:
  • Sorting product lists based on sales potential
  • Presentation of available products at the beginning of the product lists
  • Report on the most frequent phrases giving empty results and redirect them to converting phrases
  • Suggesting phrases for which a redirection has been set up
  • Import and export of redirections
  • Search based on keywords in the brand and series categories

* The service is free of charge for customers who use IdoSell RS.

Test Searching Pro for free

The first 30 days of using Searching Pro are free for each subscription plan.

Additionally, we allow you to conduct an A/B test of the Lite and Pro versions. Its results will indicate which variant of the service increases conversions in your online shop.

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Activate your Searching Pro subscription


Go to Moderation / Shop operations / Text search engine.


Enable Searching Pro subscription.

Go to the dashboard

Even more functions with IdoSell RS

IdoSell RS is an intelligent product recommendation system that increases conversion rates and average basket value.

The system learns the behaviour of shop users and generates relevant product recommendations based on these observations.

When you use IdoSell RS, you get free access to the advanced Searching Pro search engine.

Learn more about IdoSell RS
Picture of IdoSell RS service

Frequently asked questions

The algorithm is based on sales rankings and the relevance of conversion-related phrases in order to suggest to the shopper those products that are of most interest to him or her.

We can customise the individual mask to support phrase prompting functionality at an additional cost.

With the Elastic Search mechanism enabled, when a phrase is entered into the search engine, the system first checks whether the phrase is a code or part of a commodity code. If this is the case, it displays only that particular commodity - this is deliberate and correct.

When there are more goods with the search term in the code, the search engine switches to standard mode and returns all goods that contain the search term in their name.

The goods in the search results and lists are presented in the following order:

  • 1. available,
  • 2. in pre-sales,
  • 3. on request,
  • 4. not available.

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