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We handle hundreds of thousands of transactions generated by thousands of IdoSell online stores every day. What we create and describe in this section is the valuable knowledge resulting from hard data, analyses and our observance of Polish and global e-commerce.

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Record-breaking Black Friday in IdoSell shops. GMV at the level of PLN 1,65 billion

Black Friday in 2021 was record-breaking for IdoSell sellers. Customers bought significantly more than in the other weeks of November. In November 2021, the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) of online shops based on the IdoSell platform was almost 1,65 billion PLN. Check out the summary of how Black Friday, Black Week and Cyber Monday performed this year.

Unleash your potential and bet on fulfillment. The history of PanPablo

How can fulfillment help your shop succeed, also on foreign markets? Who is fulfillment for? How do the logistics of a shop that relies on fulfillment look like? Read the inspiring story of PanPablo, who uses the services of an external logistics operator and gets to know better what fulfillment is.

Promotion module - FAQ after IdoSell webinar. Plan sales in your online shop

The busy shopping season of Black Week and Christmas gift buying has begun, which means huge e-commerce traffic. How to make the most of this time? Get to know the new module from IdoSell better and plan effective promotions in your online shop. IdoSell's expert, Katarzyna Kapanajko, answers the questions you asked during the webinar.

Go cross-border and sell to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. How e-commerce looks like in our neighbours

'''Cross-border, or foreign sales, is a clear trend in Polish e-commerce. Some of the most popular e-commerce destinations are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. What is the specificity of online markets in our southern neighbours? Is e-shopping fashionable in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? What products are most popular there? What integrations will help you sell to the Czech and Slovak markets? We explain in the article below.'''

Cross-border challenges. How to effectively prepare your shop for international sales?

Cross-border, or international sales, is an increasingly popular trend in e-commerce. Going to foreign markets offers a lot of opportunities, such as higher sales and building a strong brand, but it also comes with a few challenges. Check what are the most common fears of merchants before cross-border and how to respond to the needs of customers from other countries.

Black Friday in your e-shop. Explore ideas for effective advertising and marketing

Black Friday, the big sales holiday, in 2021 falls on 26 November. Prepare your offer in advance and plan your advertising campaign in detail, because this is the time when you can experience record sales increases. Remember that if you don't get your advertising right, you could miss out on big money. In the following article we present ideas for effective advertising that will draw traffic to your shop.

Logistics of an online store. What to look for when choosing a carrier?

We are facing a hot period in e-commerce. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, free delivery day and the Christmas and New Year season are times of huge growth and record-breaking results. Check how to plan the logistics of your online store and what to pay attention to when choosing a carrier.

Dynamic Pricing & Product Groups - Independence that pays off

E-commerce is all about independent online stores. However, rapidly growing marketplaces, that promise easy income, are attracting more and more merchants. In order to survive on an auction site, you have to constantly lower the prices of your products (and pay a high margin at the same time). What if we told you that there is a tool that allows you to sell products at the same price as on Allegro, and the money saved on the margin you will be able to invest in advertising? This will give you independence and allow you to build your own brand. How to do it? We' d like to introduce ((dynamic-product-groups| Dynamic Pricing & Product Groups)) - a new feature from IdoSell.

We have reached 99,9653% of uptime (SLA) for our services in 2018

As every year, we have conducted a detailed analysis of the availability times of IdoSell Shop online stores whose servers we care for every day. In 2018, the measured SLA amounted to 99.9653%. This means that the average virtual server was not available for 182 minutes and 32 seconds. This confirms that thanks to many years of work we have managed to develop the availability of such a complex service at higher levels than the highest market standards and standards for static site hosting.

Online store combined with product catalog turned out to be an ideal way to generate sales leads for advanced systems offered by Europa Systems

Individual solutions prepared for Europa Systems diverge quite far from the standard implementation for a typical online store which main goal is to sale online. In case of a tailor-made system prepared for Europa Systems, the roles are reversed. The main goal of the system is to generate sales leads for advanced systems, which, combined with traditional online sales, drive organic website traffic and "sell products without prices" (in the form of the Product Catalog).

Thank you! won the vote of the Internet users in the Ekomersy contest

We just want to thank you - thanks to your votes,, the online selling solution for the Polish commerce market, won the first prize in the most important Polish ecommerce contest ("Infrastructure and IT solution" category). Thanks to your commitment, and purchases made in our stores, we can constantly develop our service.

more - IdoSell Shop case study

Radu Butcovan decided to choose a SaaS-based solution offering "advanced tools" for international sales, as well as unlimited technical support in English. Our innovative solutions, the highest level of safety, and the best specialists, convinced the owner to migrate to IdoSell Shop. Read more about Airsoft Maniac case studies.

IAI S.A. and ABC Data S.A. cooperation

The IdoSell Shop dropshipping cloud means a complete automation of exchanging information between the wholesaler and the retailer, assisted by a comprehensive IT solution. This way, no information needed for dropshipping will be lost, and the entire sales process takes place almost immediately. The service has been developed and implemented for ABC Data and its customers but can be used by all wholesalers that have a network of resellers.