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Increase sales with Google Ads by IdoSell

Artificial intelligence with expert support will help you display your ads in places that are frequented by customers. Attract valuable traffic with the guarantee that all costs of unrealized results will be borne by us.

Order Google Ads by IdoSell
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Explore the possibilities of Google Ads by IdoSell

Increase sales without risk

Pay for results, not promises. With Google Ads by IdoSell you bear no risk of failure in Google Ads. We take on the costs of unrealized results as part of our guarantee.

Improve your offer

Optimise the quality of your offer. Use additional statistics that illustrate the activity of goods on the Google Shopping tab (Free Listings).

Enjoy flexible costs

With Google Ads by IdoSell, you decide what percentage of your budget you want to spend on ads. In addition, every month after the campaign is aired, you'll receive an invoice from us for the ads and IdoSell's support in Polish.

Technology with expert support

The Google Ads service by IdoSell is based on artificial intelligence. Your campaigns will be optimised and published by IdoSell. Everything to help you sell more.

Enable Google Ads by IdoSell
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Our results speak for themselves

Google ads by IdoSell attract new customers and pull quality traffic directly to your shop. The service has been running successfully for over 5 years

GMV PLN 1 billion

generated by Google Ads by IdoSell


customers who use the service

5 years

effective operation on the market

They also use Google Ads by IdoSell

“I have been using Google Ads for many years. At first, I prepared the ads myself, then an agency took care of it. Finally, almost a year ago, I decided to fully automate the process and hand it over to IdoSell. And in short - I'm very satisfied. I set the percentage rates myself, I decide which products should be promoted and which shouldn't. This system is practically perfect. I would recommend Google Ads by IdoSell especially to people who are tired of complicated procedures of contacting agencies and do not have time and/or knowledge to promote their products properly. It's a win-win system and it's easy to use. IdoSell does the advertising, and we do what we know how to do - selling.”

Tomasz Pałasz z klocki.edu.pl

“Thanks to the Ads by IdoSell service, we do not have to deal with Google Ads ourselves. We also do not use advertising agencies, which often (we know it from experience), despite their certificates, are not familiar with this form of advertising. We have been developing dynamically for 13 years and for some time Google Ads by IdoSell has been helping us in this. We will continue this cooperation.”

Andrzej Chmiel z Goodlookin.pl

“What we like the most is the possibility to fully control the return on investment. Thanks to the service we can smoothly react to the seasonality of our industry and every month change the amount of costs we invest in advertising. Previously, we used the services of external agencies, which often settled on the budget used and did not take into account the conversion from the campaign. This service allowed us to fully control the budget used.”

Andrzej Pawłowski z Keko.pl

“Google Ads by IdoSell provided us with a number of new orders, the value of which represents around 2.5% of our turnover.”

Adam Szoka z BezpiecznyDzieciak.pl

We have the status of a Premium Google Partner!

IdoSell holds the highest distinction from Google for the quality of our ads. We are among the few companies to hold Google's Premium Partner status for search, display, shopping and video ads.

Top quality Google ads

IdoSell is a Comparison Shopping Premium Partner of Google. This means that IdoSell customers have lower ad rates and are the first to get access to Google's latest advertising features.

We are one of the few Polish entities that can run campaigns to European markets under the CSS programme. Thanks to this we have 20% cheaper advertising to countries like Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UK.

Enable Google Ads by IdoSell
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We generate sales on your terms


Determine the percentage of your sales that you want to allocate to your Google Ads campaign.


Your campaigns will be published by the IdoSell system.


The selected products will be displayed in Google search and in the most popular places on the Internet.


Your campaigns are constantly optimised by artificial intelligence and monitored by IdoSell experts.


Thanks to advanced algorithms and machine learning, your campaigns will not exceed the declared cost share of ad revenue.


The system will strive for the highest possible return on investment. You take care of business development, we take care of the success of your ads.

Your ads will display in:

Click on the button and see where your ads appear

Enable Google Ads by IdoSell
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Accounting for advertising?
It's easier than you think!

  1. You determine how much of the revenue from potential ad sales you will allocate to the cost of Google ads (e.g. 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%)
  2. After one month you will receive a report with the value of the revenue generated by your ads
  3. You pay a set cost for Google ads and a fixed cost for IdoSell support (i.e. 12% of what you spend on advertising).
  4. The costs of unrealised results within the scope of the guarantee shall be borne by IdoSell.


1. Enter the estimated revenue for your shop

2. Determine the percentage of revenue from potential ad sales that you will allocate to the cost of Google ads (5%, 10%, 15%, etc.)

Google Ads revenue by IdoSell


Maximum estimated revenue increase after switching on the service

0 %

  • 100% Revenue from advertising
  • 15% Cost of Google ads
  • 12% Google ad cost = IdoSell service cost


Your revenue from advertising is 10 000 PLN

Established level of profitability: 15%

The cost of Google ads: 15% x 10 000 PLN = 1 500 PLN

Cost of IdoSell service: 12% from Google Ads Cost = 12% x 1 500 PLN = 180 PLN

Total: 1 500 PLN + 180 PLN = 1680 PLN

In this case, you earn thanks to Google ads 10 000 PLN, you pay 1 680 PLN

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Frequently asked questions

The shop must have manufacturer codes entered on the goods side, clear and possibly uniform product photos, clear names and possibly original goods descriptions. The shop must also be fully ready for sale.

No, the fee for Google Ads by IdoSell is always a re-invoicing of the cost of Google clicks and an IdoSell commission of 12% of that cost.

No, Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts are set up by us, then managed by our specialists and Google Ads algorithms by IdoSell.

Billing with Google takes place from within our Google Accounts, hence we present the costs for the shop in question as a re-invoice each month. The relevant charges will appear on your IdoSell Customer Balance.

Yes, the statistics can be found under Marketing and integrations -> Merchandise and ads on Google -> Google Ads by IdoSell -> Statistics. There you can find campaign statistics updated once a day, billing reports having information about specific re-invoices and information about performance and suggestions for improvement of specific products.

Yes, this is possible through the visibility settings in the Group Merchandise Edit. However, we suggest that this number is not too small.

One accounting period is the 26th day of the month - 25th day of the next month.

This depends on a number of factors such as: industry, competition, profitability level or what quality of information is on the merchandise side (descriptions, name, images). Typically, algorithms start to be effective during the first 3 months.