Responsive Web Design – an intelligent online shop website

Responsive design allows customers to navigate your shop's page regardless of the device from which it is accessed. Fully intuitive shop now available in IdoSell.

Responsive Web Design
A multitude of different devices makes it more and more difficult to design a website which will display perfectly regardless of the device from which it is accessed. How to combine an attractive design with usability of a webiste displayed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and big computer screens? Responsive Web Design is the answer to this question. This technology is a universal answer to a modern world's needs. A shop using RWD is clear and functional on each screen size.

What is a responsive website?

What characterizes RWD is an automatic change of the website basing on the size of the screen. Therefore, the layout will be displayed in a perfect way regardless of the device. There will be no need to minimize the page manually or to scroll it from right to left. These aspects are definite assets however, when making a decision, it is worth to take all the aspects of RWD under consideration, of course including your individual needs:

  • Universality - the webiste displays similarly and gives the same aesthetically pleasing impression regardless of the screen size
  • Modernity - modern and modest aesthetics of the website and its correct functioning and display. Both these aspects influence your customer's positive impression. You also prove to be a professional seller
  • Ease of navigation and shopping - no matter how big or small the screen is and what is a device type, viewing the page and shopping is always easy, quick and convenient
  • One URL for one content – regardless of the device from which the page is accessed, there is always one address and one link
  • Easier content management - no need to create an independent website version for mobile devices
  • More expensive design and updates - our graphic designers need to design more projects, perform more tests and spend more time over encoding websites – the more size versions the more work is needed
  • Restrictions regarding untypical options - responsive design is a one shop layout, its functionalities and number of elements are fixed. Only sizes and positions of these elements may change. In a responsive mask you cannot include functions which are impossible to use on a small screen or a touch screen
  • Restrictions of layout's advancement - buttons, backgrounds, headings and fonts need to undergo calibration in order to look good on different devices and screens. Therefore, graphics need to be adequately simple, of course at the same time being attractive

Do you need a responsive website?

Dla kogo RWD?Responsive Web Design is undoubtedly a sign of professionalism. Your brand is viewed as modern, customer friendly and on a high level. It is, therefore, a great choice if you sell exclusive products and you are in possession of high quality pictures but at the same time, you do not need to apply too many gadgets, like pop up notifications, calculators, etc. These elements become useless if we deal with a smartphone screen.

Responsive websites are perfect for: fashion, health, beauty, books,etc.

If you apply long product specifications, parameters' comparisons, detailed manuals, untypical navigation and not standard product search in your shop, it will not be possible to apply the same functions in a responsive design, or implementation of such options will be very expensive.

Designing and later updates of a responsive website will be more expensive than designing a classic website in a fixed, specific width. If you want to cut expenses at the beginning and during maintenance of your shop, we advise you to check alternative solutions for a website in RWD.

We always give you a choice

Alternative solutions
If you are not in favour of a responsive website, you can always use an independent mobile version based on dedicated layouts designed for desktop and mobile versions.