Returns module in online stores

Have your customer sent back products from the order or haven't picked the parcel up? In IdoSell it's not a problem. Thanks to a dedicated returns module you can smoothly handle returns in your online store.

Every customer should have the right to return products they ordered. To facilitate and accelerate the process of returning products, customers placing orders at your store have the access to a Product returns section, which enables making a return of the ordered products. Thanks to this option, a customer can quickly find the product they want to return and choose the method of a refund.

Returns module in your online store Product returns

Allowing your customers to make a return (to withdraw from an agreement) constitutes a crucial element of an online store and is a legal requirement in online sales. In order to meet both our clients' and legal requirements, IdoSell introduced the Returns module. Thanks to that, handling returns is easier, both for store owners, and customers who can easily locate an order and product they wish to return and select a reimbursement method.

Elements of the product returns module

  1. List of orders from which a customer wants to return products – the list includes id and the date of the order, so that your customers can quickly find a given order.
  2. List of products to be returned – one order can include a few products. To facilitate this process and make sure a customer chooses the right product, each order includes photos of purchased products. A customer can also choose a number of returned products.
  3. Return method – your customer can see various options corresponding with the ones set in the panel.
  4. Choice of the delivery point – if you have more than one warehouse you can place them on the list. Thus, your customer can return a product to a point in the vicinity and you will receive a return faster.
  5. Refund method – your customer can decide about the refund method. Refund can be made through ((functions/returns/cashback|cash-back), to the customer's bank account or to their shop balance (in order to use it for future shopping).
  6. Return confirmation – includes a return summary with the most important information.

After adding a return claim, a summary is generated in a document ready to be downloaded and printed. Thanks to that, the most important information is included in one document and a customer does not have to fill it manually, what makes the whole process faster.

More about the returns module features How to enable the returns module

Benefits of using the returns module

  • You build customer trust – accepting returns is helpful in the process of building your brand image as trust-worthy and open to customer needs.
  • You compete with the best – some time ago only e-commerce giants offered free or inexpensive returns. Now you can easily compete with them with your fast, inexpensive and streamlined returns.
  • You are ready for changes in the law – soon a new European law concerning customer protection will enter into force. It expands customer rights, especially the ones concerning returns of purchased products. IdoSell has already prepared for the changes.
  • Freedom of order management – you can determine whether returns will be free or your customers will have to cover some costs. You can even make returns part of your marketing strategy, for example by offering free returns in a specific month.

Creating returns by customers

The "product returns" module is available after customers log into their accounts. A customer can create a return or have a look at the list of pending returns and quickly find information about the progress.

At the end of the process a customer receives a return summary. The customer also has access to the document which should be signed and sent to the store in order to facilitate the whole process. The module of adding returns is thus highly automated, which is beneficial both for customers and your staff.