Running an on-line store involves full responsibility for performed actions. Information about thousands of transactions should be confidential. What you sell, how much, and who is your client - these details you should keep in secret, and we respect this fact. IAI company takes the security of offered and provided services very seriously.

Keeping the confidential information secret - if you would like to care about it by yourself - is not an easy task. Own software or server in the company headquarter not only does not increase the data safety, but creates new hazards. The source of 80% of threats of data leak are employees. The most frequent cause of data loss is wrongly planned - by the administrators - backup schedule. The most frequent reason of website unavailability are not the Internet connection or server, but the program itself, which is often not tailored to the server environment. Multiple small, but severe, malfunctions can come to light in unexpected circumstances. That's why commissioning of handling the on-line store to the external company, which creates its own platform, increases the overall data safety.

Safety also in your hands

In the store panel in the section Protection and filters you will find options that will allow you to conveniently manage the security of your store in selected aspects. The module includes options that were previously dispersed in the panel, as well as new ones, previously available only for the IdoSell Support, with which you had to contact before.

Key elements of the IAI safety policy:

  • Backup - automatic, everyday backup is being performed with use of 4 different methods to 4 different and independent infrastructures, including Amazon S3, and one copy is made on the same server, on which the website is held, to shorten the time of presumptive data restoration.
  • Advanced system of event logs - all important operations, i.e. change of price or stock quantity, is always registered in event logs and history. Thanks to this functionality, you can easily determine, who entered modifications by means of the Administration Panel or API. Lack of possibility of manipulating data guarantees, that your employees will not hide anything from you. The system integrity will not also allow for entering of false stock quantities after accidental disappearance of part of your goods.
  • System of rights - thanks to it, the operators of panel are restricted to use only these parts of system or these stocks, that they were assigned to. They also do not have the chance to modify any data bases and change their rights of access, you don't have to worry that any of them will cross their authority.
  • Access to the shop panels - thanks to safe access to the shop panels, no data need to be saved and sent to our company. They never leave a safe and secured IAI Cloud.
  • Server monitoring tools - the internal and external monitoring checks in every moment the availability of webpages and the correct work of hardware and server environment, i.e. disc space. These tools can also predict the problems, that can occur in the near future.
  • The code of the platform has been created in 100% by us - for 11 years our team of professionals has been developing the system. Thanks to this fact, if something demands a change, we can do it quickly and reliably by ourselves, without commissioning anything to the outside. The code is our property, so operations of other companies do not affect out offer.
  • Tests and good quality code - we create and develop our code by ourselves. No one has to order us to write our code good. Each function is designed, basing on information from our customers, and written in safe i scalable manner. It is also tested repeatedly in terms of its safety, swiftness of work and usability. After installation, we monitor if everything works correctly. The code is developed by single team, professional and highly motivated to provide the service of the highest quality.
  • Perfectly suited server system - we care not only for programs, but also for the perfect operation of environment, in which they work, i.e. operating system or data base services. Thanks to it, everything works better and quicker, than in universal and truncated environments of hosting companies. It also means less stops caused by infrastructure overloads or tries to determine, what program function does not cooperate with services installed on the server.
  • Automatic updates - every day we are expanding the system. Updates are uploaded automatically for each customer, and advanced system of their installation checks, if everything has been performed correctly.
  • SSL - connection encrypting is a legal order nowadays. Our administration panel works only through SSL. Each shop can operate on its own or free of charge, provided by us, SSL certificate.
  • Financial security and transparency of public joint-stock company - as a public company, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, we publish our financial reports. You can always check not only the work of our system, but also our financial condition. Secured cash reserves guarantee the stability of offer.
  • Specialization - the IAI company does not handle hosting, creating websites for companies. Nothing distracts our attention. We can concentrate in 100% on development of single product. Thanks to it, you are guaranteed, that you will always receive the most modern system, and the wellbeing of our customers is our top priority.
  • One version of application - each customer receives exactly the same code. If we detect a problem of its scalability or security - even in only one customer's copy - the patch is uploaded automatically to systems of all customers.
  • One version of the Terms and Conditions and the Price List - it guarantees, that our offer is always attractive. We do not sign agreements for definite period of time and we do not tempt new or potential customers with special offer. If we are offering a price reduction, it is available for everyone - both the existing and the new or potential customer.
  • Strict privacy policy - see, how we care, that our employees - who have access to our customer's data - care for privacy of these information.
  • PCI DSS compliance - all IdoSells are PCI DSS compliant. The standard was introduced to have a meticulous control over data processing and to protect users from any infringements.
  • STANDARD layout - a registered industrial design. IdoSell takes customer protection very seriously, for example by offering well prepared and specialistic graphic solutions which are copy-protected.