Configuration of payment and delivery profiles

Learn more about payment and delivery profiles, which will allow you to easier manage your store - you can configure delivery and payment options only once, setting rules for you and your customers. The will take care of the rest. - among many other functions - also allows for:

  • defining delivery profiles, in which all settings are stored,
  • assigning payment and delivery profiles to each country separately,
  • assigning delivery profiles to each customer separately,
  • creating payment profiles,
  • assigning selected payment methods to payment profiles (so you will not offer a country-related payment method to a foreign customer),
  • selecting delivery or payment methods, which are attractive to you and your customers.

What are the so-called payment and delivery profiles?

It is a very flexible tool, which allows to intuitively set conditions, on which deliveries and payments will be handled - these two are core operations and processes performed in every on-line store.

To assure comfort of use and exertion of single tool, that merges advantages of a few separate tools, we have consolidated all necessary information to a profile term:

  • Delivery profile - all rules concerning destinations and method of ordered products delivery.
  • Payment profile - same rules, as above, that apply to payment tools and methods.

Delivery and payment services settings for the country is a place, in which information about these profiles is merged.

If you want to familiarize yourself with detailed settings of Delivery profiles, go to ADMINISTRATION / Delivery configuration / Delivery profiles. If you are looking for detailed information on Payment profiles, go to ADMINISTRATION / Payment configuration.

Utilize comfortable tools provided by the - they allow you to create groups of settings - so-called profiles - that ease your management efforts in handling your store. If you want, you can also learn, [/functions/deliveries-payments/faq.phtml#1 how to configure payment and delivery profiles].