Data import

When you set up a new online store, or move an existing one to a new software, it is very important to save your existing customer database. The transfer of product descriptions, their price, pictures and other settings is equally important.

When you set up an IdoSell shop, you do not have to start all over again, losing your existing database. Our specialists can import product, customer and newsletter database. They will do so safely, taking into account all transferable information and settings.

By commissioning a complete data transfer to us, you do not have to worry about anything - we will do it for you. We will professionally transfer data from your old software or files, analyze information and their structure, and ask questions about all your important decisions. The entire operation will be conducted safely, taking care of the confidentiality of the data.

Data import

The most common data operations we can do for you are:

  • Product import
  • Customer data import
  • Importing e-mail addresses to the newsletter database

Data for import can be obtained from:

  • Another shop platform
  • XML, CSV, XLS files
  • Financial-accounting program
  • CRM program
  • Databases located on the server
  • Database dump

Unusual operations on performed on products, customers and orders

The administration panel provides a variety of tools for single and bulk product edit. However, you may need to perform an operation for which there is no dedicated function in the panel. We are more than happy to help you by doing custom data export or import for you. This way we can for example make a mass change in product settings or prepare an unusual report from the administration panel.

Evaluation of works on databases

Each import is preceded by an analysis of the materials provided. Imports also include the analysis and advice on how to upload your product data, so that they are best prepared for presentation in the template. Data imports can be performed as single time & material orders, but can also be calculated into a shop implementation order. For unusual cases, the work is valued individually. Below you can find indicative costs that usually include data imports. In unusual situations, they may be different. Imports are settled in time & material mode.

Product import

Product import

  • Standard import directly from a file or including a driver: 4-10h (On average 6h )
  • Downloading data from the database and import: 8-20h
Customer import

Customer import

  • Depending on consistency of data and number of customers: 2-6h (On average 4h)

The cost of 1 hour of work is 59 USDnet, without being calculated into one of implementation packages. Import may also be a part of the implementation package.

Our specialists will help you in estimating the budget and adjusting the scope of work.

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