Choosing colours and versions, product grouping, configurators

Grouping products is a versatile tool which offers your customers a clear and readable possibility of choosing products among similar items. What is more, you do not have to get involved in the process of ordering products which undergo configuration or which are available in a number of variants.

Choosing a product version is a subject concerning many Internet sellers. Such option is crucial in shops selling clothing, electronic devices, furniture, machines, tools and many more. In other business branches you may want to offer your client different product versions to choose from. It can include colors, power, medium (for example DVD, Blu-Ray), gauge, version, type of print and many more features which have an influence on products' price and overall look. The function of product grouping, available for every seller on the IdoSell platform, is just perfect for such solutions.

Please bear in mind that to make choosing an appropriate variant easier for a client, products from the one group should give the impression of the same product available in different options. Given options should have „distinctive features”. The features which differentiate products from each other should be chosen as distinctive parameters in a group. Let's see this on the basis of the example of a shoe - „shoe upper”, „shoe laces” or both, can be treated as distinctive parameters in a group.

Notice that in case of shoes or clothing we do not concentrate on such obvious choice as size on purpose. Why? Because in IdoSell supporting size options is available as a separate function. Thus, to sell products with different size options you do not have to use „product grouping” which is described here.

A singular choice – color, version, type

Most often a choice made by a client comes down to only one parameter. The most popular parameter is „color” of a given product, as it is widely used in various business branches in relation to many different items. It can also be a totally different single parameter which has to be chosen by a client. In such situation, a field of parameter choice, for example color, will appear with all the available options on a shop page.

A scenario with a single distinctive parameter has been implemented in all shops on the IdoSell platform for many years.

Standard way of handling a single distinctive parameter:

Examples of individually designed shops offering choice concerning only one parameter - color

A complex choice – product configurator

Sometimes you may want to enable your clients to make choices concerning parameters, detailed look and other features of products, in the process of placing the order. All these possibilities are included in the „product grouping” option visible in the administration panel. If a given product has more than one configuration possibility influencing, for example, price or stock availability, one has to simply build a product group with more than one distinctive parameter. We offer you an intelligent solution – it recognizes the number of distinctive parameters and possible combinations all by itself. It will also inform a client about the cost and whether a given combination is available, during the process of choosing a given product. In case of choosing an unavailable or non-existent option, a client will receive an information which choices should be changed to proceed.

An example of a standard way of choosing many parameters to build a computer set:

Usually, supporting groups with many distinctive parameters proceeds in such a way that the number of selection fields simply gets bigger according to the group settings in your shop. It is the simplest, standard way of of displaying many options for a product. It is a great foundation for building up individually-looking configurators for your shop. If you sell such products, get familiar with a described module and commission an individual analysis, design and implementation of an eye-catching, unique configurator to our graphic designers. See our inspirations: furniture configurator, bicycle configurator and sportswear configurator.

Same example for a different business – bespoke footwear:

How to use it in your shop?

Above examples describe only some of the businesses for which configurators would be a perfect choice. The possibilities of adapting this feature are enormous. What is more, you can use it in every branch of business. Increase the quality of shopping experience in your store. Learn more: How to prepare a product group?".

Grouping products at the level of a list

If we offer many versions of the same product to a client, namely many colors or other options, it can lead to an undesirable effect at the level of product list, for example after entering a given category. Many versions of the same product placed abreast could take the majority of search results list and push different products to further pages. In IdoSell we care about such nuances. Check the solution enabling product grouping at the level of search results list.


Very advanced variant rules and calculating variant prices by own mini-programs

Karta towaru z wyborem parametrów, wpływających na ostateczną cenę wyliczaną za pomocą formuły

Some products are not subject to simple pricing rules. Their price depends on many parameters that only a salesman understands. Thanks to the openness of the IdoSell, you can order or place a piece of program written in JavaScript, which will calculate the price according to any rules. This module will also work if you need to define parameters, relationships between them, sometimes the easiest way to do it is in the form of a micro-program. This way you will define which combinations, e.g. describing a roller blind, machine or pipe, the customer can choose and how the price will depend on the length. The price can be defined so that the roller blind at a certain length costs much more in the chrome option (because the chromium plating machine normally adopts a certain size, and then you have to do it with another process). Or you can define a mathematical function that will determine the price of the pipe, which will increase with the length, it will be an exponential function. The applications are endless.

Dowiedz się więcej o nietypowych konfiguratorach opartych o funkcje

The above examples describe only some industries, where configurators will work perfectly. The possibilities of adapting this function to your needs are enormous and can be used in any industry. Increase the quality of shopping in your store.