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We handle hundreds of thousands of transactions generated by thousands of IdoSell online stores every day. What we create and describe in this section is the valuable knowledge resulting from hard data, analyses and our observance of Polish and global e-commerce

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We have simplified the payment options in STANDARD templates

One of the most important issues deciding which online store offer we will use is the possibility of pleasant and easy ordering. Any difficulties and unnecessary clicking make the customer quickly discouraged from shopping. With this in mind, we refreshed the purchasing process in the STANDARD templates, thus eliminating the need to select the bank and the type of payment card before placing the order. This selection has been transferred to the screen displayed after placing the order. Thanks to that the time from selecting products to completing the purchase is now even shorter and the whole process easier.

IAI Sp. z o.o. transformed into IAI SA

IAI limited liability company with headquarters in Szczecin on the day of ... march 2021 transformed into IAI joint stock company with headquarters in Szczecin.

More options to customize STANDARD templates: Now you can change fonts and the rounding style of buttons and form fields by yourself

We want as many IdoSell stores as possible to stand out and adjust the template to their expectations, without the need to outsource work to specialists, be it from IdoSell or outside. That is why we constantly observe what our clients use and build tools to independently introduce changes in this area. Thanks to this, you can modify the STANDARD templates without waiting, changing or losing the possibility of automatic updates. To the color scheme options and CSS editor published in the past, we've now added the 2 most frequently requested modifications, i.e. the possibility of using different fonts and the ability to choose whether buttons and form fields should be rectangular or rounded.

IdoSell Photoslurp integration

We offer integration with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter through the leading visual commerce platform Photoslurp. Photoslurp is a visual commerce and marketing platform for brands that aggregates images and content from social networks using their products and provides tools to display and analyze them. The use of Photoslurp increases conversion rates through the use of images on product pages, and has a significant impact on increasing engagement. Photoslurp's photo analytics tools help identify the highest converting photos, as well as their biggest evangelists.

We allow you to independently change the font used in the store template and the rounding style of buttons and form fields. We have made a number of improvements to the template management module

Calendar spring is just around the corner. That is why we decided to do spring cleaning in the color schemes and template management module: we added the ability to use one of the 14 predefined fonts in the store template (or your own from the file), we added the ability to choose the style of rounding buttons and form fields and introduced a number of minor and major improvements to the management module templates.

We provide free regulations and the privacy policy and cookies in English, we allow you to turn on active consent to the cookie policy (also in German)

A few months ago, we introduced a new module "Regulations, consents, policies")), in which you can use a ready-made and auto-complementary template of the store's regulations and privacy and cookies policy. The aforementioned ready-made content was then available only for the Polish language. From now on, you can also provide ready-made content of the regulations as well as the privacy and cookie policy in English, which we have prepared together with our lawyers. But that's not all, because we have additionally refreshed the consent to the cookie policy, adding it in an active version and translating its content not only into English, but also into German.

We have launched the Q&A system - a place to discuss and exchange knowledge for our customers

We are pleased to introduce you to Q&A service - a system that was created especially for our customers, in gratitude for the last 20 years of cooperation. It is a site with questions and answers, which is supposed to be a place for discussion and exchange of knowledge between users of IdoSell, IdoBooking and IAI support services. For us it is another opportunity to listen to your voice.

Update of IdoSell Terms and Conditions and Price List from March 1, 2021.

Keeping the rules of introducing the new conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present one month in advance the changes in the Regulations and Price List of IdoSell. As of March 1, we withdraw the previously maintained subscription plans CLOUD, DEDICATED CLOUD 2 and DEDICATED CLOUD 4.

Free BLIK refunds now available in IdoPay

We have provided free refunds of BLIK payments in IdoPay (formerly IAI Pay) performed directly from the administration panel. This functionality was awaited by many customers - both already using IdoPay and considering switching to the payment system built into IdoSell.

Generation of summary invoices has been added to dropshipping in the B2B module

As part of the work on the B2B module, automatic generation of summary invoices functionality was added. For customers working in dropshipping, the ability to automatically issue a summary invoice at the end of each month has been made available. When activated on the customer's card, trade credit orders without an invoice will be collected at the end of the month in one document, which will be sent to the contractor via the EDI system and placed in the summary document report.