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Subscription sales in an online shop - in which industry will it work best?

Subscription sales are the future of e-commerce. It provides shoppers with a convenient, personalised and less expensive way to get the items they need on a regular basis. Launching the subscription will help maximise revenue and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Find out what the subscription model is, its benefits and in which industry it will work best.

CHANGELOG IdoSell (23.01.2023 - 27.01.2023)

As part of the IdoSell changelog, we will periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoSell software. Invariably, project news and information about the release of new features will appear within separate entries. The first edition of the changelog presents the scope of changes from 01.01.2023 to 27.01.2023.

IdoPay service provider change from IAI to IdoPayments

IdoPay is a payment system available for online stores on the IdoSell platform and for accommodation reservation systems on the IdoBooking platform. For customers of both platforms using IdoPay, the invoicing entity will change.

Updated content of the default terms and conditions and privacy policy

We have updated the default and auto-complete content of the terms and conditions and privacy policy, which you can use in your shop at no extra charge. In the terms and conditions, we have changed the provision regarding order processing times, and in the privacy policy we have added support for the variable responsible for generating the list of cookies used by the shop.

Apply the new cookie consent in line with current EU rulings

The new version of consent shows online store customers what files are used in a given e-store. It also enables them to control advanced consent for files that come from individual providers. Potential customers can enable or disable consent for advertising and analytical "cookies," while functional files (necessary for system operation) remain permanently enabled.

Changes to IdoSell POS. Find out how they will improve your sales

In order to effectively manage sales across multiple locations, you need robust tools and thoughtful logistics. With IdoSell POS, entrepreneurs can conveniently and very effectively run an online and stationary store simultaneously. The application not only allows for efficient sales at stationary points, but also has advanced omnichannel features that help combine online and offline business. Its biggest advantages are simplicity, intuitiveness and effective and efficient operation.

Sending emails from your store through Microsoft servers? Enable Microsoft account authentication instead of a less secure connection via SMTP

If you send e-mails from the store through Microsoft servers, it is already possible to authenticate the connection to the server with a Microsoft account. We have implemented a solution similar to the one we made available for Google accounts a few weeks ago. As of October 1, 2022, Microsoft, for the support of e-mail accounts, will begin to successively disable authentication of the connection via SMTP (i.e., by providing the login and password for the account).

New features in Shopee integration. Multi-variants, new integrated couriers, auto-completion of parameters and many other changes.

Check out the new Shopee integration options. Take advantage of the full multivariancy, makenew Inpost Parcel Economy and Orlen Parcel delivery options available. In addition, choose a convenient way of calculating Shopee discounts in your orders or speed up the handling of your offers thanks to automatic parameter prompting or the creation of descriptions dedicated to the service.

Boost your sales in foreign markets with this new feature from IdoSell. IdoPay payments with 19 new currencies.

Customers who shop online expect that they will be able to pay for their purchases in their local currencies. That is why merchants who want to start selling in more markets should provide them with such an option. At IdoSell, we want to make it easier for merchants to start selling cross-border. Thus, we are introducing a new feature - processing of 19 new currencies in IdoPay.

If you send emails from the shop via Google servers (, enable Google account authentication instead of the less secure connection via SMTP

If you send emails from the shop via Google servers, it is already possible to authenticate the connection to the server with a Google account. For free accounts, this is necessary to continue sending emails. For paid Google Workspace and Google Cloud Identity services, it is still possible to use a traditional, less secure connection over the SMTP protocol (which we do not recommend).