Automatic shipment documents printing in the administration panel

Customer has already ordered a package and paid for it. Quick completion of his order does not however finish the entire transaction. Customer has to get the ordered product, so it has to reach him.

Customer satisfaction, and so his opinion about your store, is also a result of delivery time of ordered products. Your hard work put into completing the order will completely go to waste, if your customer gets his order after two weeks and the Christmas holidays have long pass? What about low prices in your store - no one buys in your store, because delivery costs are higher than of your competitors? Final price is a sum of product price and delivery costs, so you need to keep both at the lowest level possible. It is time to finish this sad situation - just use the partners services and deliver ordered products quickly, inexpensively and safely.

In addition, the allows go generate printouts from the Administration Panel, so you can generate and print even hundreds of shipping documents with just a few clicks. The offers full or partial integration with several dozen of logistic companies from around the world. Every courier service available in the is assigned to adequate shipping country and offers the possibility of configuring multiple options, so you can set everything exactly as you wish.

If you want to check all couriers available in the, sign in the panel and go to ADMINISTRATION / Courier setup. If you are not the customer, and want to learn all possibilities of configuring deliveries and courier companies, just order demo version.