Managing a large base of photos? It is easy with the!

What is the purpose of photo tray existence?

Tray is used to store photos during assigning them to products. Thanks to this functionality, you do not have to upload one photo to 10 products - all you need to do is upload it once and assign it to products you want it assigned to using drag&drop method. Photos added from tray can be assigned to icon or photo column.

How can I use folders?

Folders allow to upload photos for different groups of products. Photos will not be put into single directory, but will be divided into multiple, separated locations. You can freely define folders.

How can I create and delete folder?

To add folder, just click on Add new folder on folders list, enter name and click enter on keyboard. To delete folder, click on red X button next to it.

Can I move photos between folders?

No. Photos once added cannot be moved between folders.

How to add photos to products?

First possibility is to go to product edition card to Photos section and click on Add photos button. A new window will be displayed, where you can point file location on your hard drive and upload to product card.

You can also add photos to Photo tray (PRODUCTS / Photo tray) and select a photo placed there and add it to product.

Notice: Setting appropriate sizes of photos is a key to good look of shop page. Photos cannot be to large, because the page will be displayed improperly. If you are not sure about size, you can always ask your mask supervisor or technical support department. Size settings can be found in PRODUCTS / Macros and watermarks for images. For the best effect, we recommend using the same size proportions and high quality photos on solid background.
Maximum number of photos for single products is 99.

Which pictures can I add?

You can add PNG, GIF and JPG files not larger than 2 MB and with following sizes:

  • width = 3200px
  • height = 2400px

Order of uploaded photos - what is the decisive factor?

During upload operation - to single product or photo tray - it can happen that photos order in selection window is completely different than order of photos after uploading them. Unfortunately, we have no power to change it, because it is the operation system is in charge of Internet browser order. We recommend to sort photos before adding them to the panel.

Why some of the photos have red label around them?

Red label around pictures means, that indicated picture has been added, but not enough macros were assigned to it. Every photo should have its large, medium and small version. You can make it happen by use of macros. I.e. macro1 holds information about large photo size, macro2 - medium, macro3 - small. By using this macros distinction, you can manipulate photos sizes.

How to remove red labels?

To remove red label, just create three macros for large, medium and small photo. All has been described above. To do this, go to PRODUCTS / Macros and watermarks for images.

What is macro?

Macro is a set of rules in accordance to which picture will be converted. In other words - it is a set of instuctions telling system what to do with picture. It can be i.e. changing size or adding watermark.

Where can I define macro?

To define macro, go to PRODUCTS / Macros and watermarks for images.

What macro is used for?

Macro is used for quick modification of photos. Because every picture uploaded to the panel should have three sizes, it would be very tiresome to upload the same picture in three different sizes. By using macros, you can modify uploaded picture on-the-fly and display it in three different sizes with only two clicks. In addition you can define a few macros and use different macros for different products.

How to apply macro?

Answer only for those, who have macros defined - if you do not have, go to PRODUCTS / Macros and watermarks for images. To use one of macros for selected pictures, mark them, by clicking on them (or click select all). Then select appropriate macro from Apply macro drop-down list.