Wishlist in IdoSell shops

Not all customers visit your store to place an order. We all sometimes enter a shop and respond "I'm just looking" to and enthusiastic staff member offering help. You do not have to treat such clients as a lost cause if you give them the opportunity to save products on their personal wishlist.

Product wishlist is a module available in any standard IdoSell shop front. It allows online store customers to put aside selected products "for later" by clicking on "Add to wishlist" on the product card. Such list is saved by the store in case of registered customers. Customers who are not logged in can also use this functionality, but in their case the list is stored in a "cookie" which life span is much shorter. For this reason, a customer who is not logged in, after displaying the wishlist, will be encouraged to sign up.

At any time you have the access to product wishlists of all your customers. You can find there information about the number of customers having specific products on their wishlists, about special offers in which products will be included or about the date of the last price change. This set can be displayed in the administration panel, in Clients / Products on customers' whishlists and awaiting availability.

Below you can find pictures presenting a wishlist in the form seen by customers and in the administration panel: