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We handle hundreds of thousands of transactions generated by thousands of IdoSell online stores every day. What we create and describe in this section is the valuable knowledge resulting from hard data, analyses and our observance of Polish and global e-commerce.

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IdoSell integrates with Shopee. Add a new sales channel in your offer!

Now you can integrate your shop with in just a few simple steps. List your items using proven mechanisms from popular marketplaces, import previously listed items, automatically update inventory and prices up to every 10 minutes, generate Shopee Logistic shipments from within your orders, use the listing search engine, setup profiles and list multi-size items. These are just some of the opportunities that the integration will give you.

IdoSell POS and separate numbering of invoices for points of sale

Do you have multiple sales points with IdoSell POS support and want each of them to have independent numbering? From now on it's possible. We're releasing a functionality that allows to issue invoices from IdoSell POS application with separate numbering for each point of sale

Soon we will require Google account authentication for sending emails in the domain and we will enable it for Google Workspace accounts

From 30/05/2022, sending emails from accounts in the domain will require authentication with a Google account, and the traditional login to the SMTP server only with the login and password of the Google account will stop working. If you have a configured e-mail account in the domain in the IdoSell administration panel, be sure to read the content below.

New delivery options on Allegro. Improve your offers and reach new customers

Offer your customers new delivery options that Allegro has introduced, such as the Allegro pick-up network, DPD international shipping and more. Provide the services that shoppers are waiting for. Automate label generation and link it to the verification and order handling module. See how you can improve your offers to increase sales in this marketplace.

eBay - requires your attention. Connect your account via new REST API standard

From today we are allowing you to link your eBay account using the latest communication standard, REST. By connecting your account, you will be able to keep your category and parameters up to date. It will also allow you to use new, dedicated features and offer more stability in the future. We would also like to remind you that using IdoSell you can successfully place and process orders on the biggest marketplaces offered by eBay, including the

We changed the name of the field on the item card from "Code displayed on the details page" to "Symbol displayed in the item card on the store's website"

Some time ago, in the STANDARD templates, we changed the "Product code" to the more universal word "Symbol". That is why we decided to make this nomenclature consistent in the IdoSell administration panel. From now on, incl. on the product card, instead of the "Code displayed on the details page" you will find the "Symbol displayed in the item card on the store's website" field. We only changed the nomenclature, so the functionality of this field remains unchanged.

Activate the "in shop cheaper" strategy in the Dynamic Pricing module and automatically attract customers to your shop

The Dynamic Pricing module provides you with ready-to-use rules for price management. This ensures that your online shop will always be more attractive to customers than a similar offer in the marketplace. Pulling traffic directly to your shop is advantageous because it allows you to build a recognisable brand. Additionally, in the marketplace you have to pay a commission on sales. Learn about the "in shop cheaper" sales strategy in the Dynamic Pricing module from IdoSell and set up your own online shop.

You can integrate your IdoSell online shop with Stripe, offering local payment methods in any country in the world, even if you have a business in UK, USA, Canada etc.

At IdoSell we constantly support merchants in selling not only on the Polish market, but also in the cross-border model. Don't limit yourself, start selling abroad and reach, among others, 440 million new customers from the European Union. Stay up to date with the trends and use the possibilities of the latest IdoSell partnership integration with Stripe. Your foreign customers will appreciate it.'''

Q&A service available for all users. Gain knowledge without logging in

Our Q&A IdoSell and Q&A IdoBooking service, which has been serving as a place for discussion and information exchange for a year, has just been made public for all users. This means that you don't have to be logged in to deepen your knowledge of your business or find answers to questions that interest you.