Frequently asked questions about product database management

Does the number of undeleted products displayed in manager report includes also grouped products?

Yes. Every product in group is considered a separate product by the system.

Is is there any difference in displaying card of grouped product and separate product?

For every product group it is possible to determine which parameters are common, and which - assigned only to indicated products in group. These options are available on grouped product edition card (Products group section, Products group settings option). Differences in display of product card can of course happen, depending on settings of these parameters - i.e. products may have the same picture, but do not have to.

Can I set different descriptions (short and long) for products in group?

Yes. If you want to set different descriptions for grouped products, click on products group settings (available on every product card) and turn description sharing off.

Can I set different VAT rates for sizes?

It is not possible to set different VAT rates for different sizes. Only one VAT rate can be assigned to product. If you would like to distinguish i.e. kids sizes and standard ones for tax purposes, you need to create 2 products, link them and mark them properly. Different solution may be use of variants and using separate variant for each size.

Can I set different photos and icons for products in group?

Yes. If you want to set different photos for products in group, click on products group settings (available on product card) and turn of photos and sharing. You can also set different icon for products in group. It cam symbolize i.e. color - the customer will see product photo and color icon. Instead of list of grouped products, he will see i.e. square color markers).

Can I set shared stock quantities for selected products group?

No. Configuration of common parameters settings allows to determine common size group. Stock quantities for all products in group should be entered individually. It happens so, because every product in system can have different sizes and different quantities.

Can I set different and common description glossaries for selected products in group?

Yes. System allows to set both common and different glossaries for all products in group. It however causes a necessary change in common parameters settings. In product edition card, click on Products group settings link on top menu bar and turn on or off description glossaries sharing.

Can I delete the main product in group to which other products are assigned?

No. For the deleting operation could be successful, status of the main product should be transferred to another product from this group or just unassign other products from this group.

Can I look for products in store by product names in group?

No. Such mechanism would result in sending a very large amount of data, what could result in lower operation of entire server and all shops operating on it. We recommend using the attributes mechanism - attributes names can correspond with product names in group.

How do default settings of common parameters of products in group work?

Default settings - set for newly added products - can be used only, when you group one product with another. Such created product group will have Common parameters settings the same as default.

Notice: If you merge products into group, their common parameters settings will be not the same as default-ones. System will intelligently check what settings are the same for these products and will save them.

How products group should behave - depending on their settings - after adding them to special offer?

1. If grouped products do not have the same prices option set.

Adding product in group for special offer does not affect the rest of products.

2. If grouped products have the same prices option set.

Adding one grouped product to special offer causes all products to be added to special offer.

3. If grouped products have the same prices option set and are already in special offer.

After excluding from group, all products will remain in special offer.

4. If grouped products do not have the same prices option set, but one of products is in special offer.

a) main product in special offer

Turning the same prices will add all products to special offer.

b) any, not main product in special offer

Turning the same prices will exclude all products from special offer and set price of the main product, which is not in special offer.

How product groups are displayed on shop page?

It all depends on your idea. This module - after transition to product card (by search tool or category menu) - allows to change products in the same group. These product changing can be made by clicking on product icons representing different variants or text links. Of course you do not have to move between cards - you can just select appropriate product from drop-down menu or by clicking on its icon. If products are in different sizes, navigating between them can be performed by selecting size on on product card or by choosing size first and moving between variant in the same size. If product is absent in stock, it is hidden exactly as other products are.

When should I use product groups and when - attributes or series?

These mechanisms do not exclude one another. Product groups will be useful to group different kinds of selected products. Attributes allow to precisely describe product traits. Series allow to create collections.

Using particular mechanisms depends on assortment type offered in shop and method of its presentation.

How do product groups work?

Product groups use depends only on your plans of using them. Idea behind the product groups assumes grouping multiple similar products - difference is single main attribute. Product groups may be - in other words - also called product versions. Which products will be grouped depends only on your creativity, but please also remember, that these products should have at least one thing in common - i.e. different clothing with the same inscription or picture, or the same blouse with different inscriptions. Next example are suits that can have the same cut but different colors and many, many other things. As you can see, you can almost freely arrange your assortment.

How can I use Product group settings and Settings of display of products in group?

These are options to manage group of products, by means of which you can determine:

  • settings of product group - which parameters should be common for all products marked as variants,
  • settings of display - what will be the presentation form of grouped products in shop and panel,
  • product group name.

Settings of display of products in group include:

  • Display in shop/panel - determines the way the grouped products are displayed on lists of found products.
    • First available product in group - displays only one, first available product from group. Customer will be able to select the rest of products from additional list of products. It is also possible to change the order of products display (drag&drop mechanism), so you can change the main variant. System also dynamically changes the main product - always the first available on is the main product.

NOTICE: This setting affects the list of products, hotspots and search tool. Only the first available variants from each group will be displayed there.

  • All products in group - all grouped products are displayed on list of products as they would be separate products.
    • Product group name - name of attribute that distinguishes products in group. It describes the difference between them. Just enter name of such trait - i.e. color, cut, inscription etc. It can be of course determined for each language separately.

Confirm all changes by clicking on Change.

Why tables copied from Excel to long description do not have border after saving changes?

It happens, because styles are cut when being copied. We recommend using HTML editor, copy source code and paste it to administration panel in HTML edition mode.

Why texts on CMS subpages and long descriptions are not displayed correctly?

Text created in text editor (like MS Word) cannot be copied with copy&paste operation to WYSIWYG editor in panel. During copying, also text markers are transferred to panel and they are not correctly interpreted by browsers. This can cause a situation when even an entire page can crash or not be opened at all. You need to remove these markers from HTML code or enter HTML source code.
If you would like to use earlier-created descriptions from text editor, utilize Upload file with long description option. It allows to upload long description in html or txt formats. They can also be created in MS Word - just click "save as html page".
Both for CMS pages and long description edition allow to paste such prepared in MS Word html code to administration panel editor - you can paste text with correct formatting.

Notice: All texts on webpage need to be converted into HTML code. WYSIWYG editor is perfect tool for text formatting. It also simulates work of standard text editor but converts text into html.

What is the limit of photos that can be uploaded on the product tab?

The number of uploadable photos on the product tab depends on your subscription plan.
For shared servers (CLOUD), the limit is 20 photos.
For dedicated servers (DEDICATED CLOUD) the limit is 99 photos.

Can I back up product database?

To make a backup, go to the list of products and use the "Export" option. Depending on the choice, the following files are generated:

  • CSV file containing a complete set of information about products
  • XML file compatible with IOF

The backup is also automatically executed to an IOF compliant XML file, which is available for download in the ADMINISTRATION \ Backup section.

What is the automatic producer's code standard recognition and how does it work?

Automatic recognition of the code standard means that each item newly added to the panel will have the automatic recognition system enabled by default, for recognizing the producer's codes in terms of available standards:

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) codes:

  • GTIN-14
  • GTIN-13 (13-character EAN and ISBN)
  • GTIN-12 (12-character UPC-A)
  • GTIN-8 (8-character EAN)

And other standards outside the GTIN family:

  • ISBN-10 (10-character ISBN, broadcasted until December 2006)
  • UPC-E
  • MPN
  • Different

After entering the codes and saving the changes, the automatic processes will work as follows:

  • If all sent codes will fit, for example, to the GTIN-13 standard, such a standard will be set in the products. From now on, we will make sure that the codes added to such a product meet the requirements of the chosen standard.
  • If the codes do not match any standard or only some of the codes will be correct, the code standard will be set to Other - for which validation of the codes is unavailable.

Why the choice of units of measure: meter, kilogram, liter are not visible on the product tab, even though they are marked as visible in the panel?

Products with units of measure that have the option Decimal places accuracy enabled, can not have sizes. Thus, having a product assigned to a group of sizes other than universal, you can not choose a different unit of measurement than an indivisible one.