Sell your products on Amazon Marketplace, one of the largest e-commerce platforms

Amazon Marketplace is one of the largest sales channels in the Internet. The IdoSell clients and partners can use the easy and fully automatized integration with, so their products can be accessible by millions of buyers.

Amazon Marketplace

sklep internetowy Amazon Amazon is an e-commerce platform that allows external sellers to sell new or used products. Sellers gain access to the base of millions of Amazon customers thanks to their presence at Amazon Marketplaces. Buyers can choose from offers from many companies and decide which offers are the most suitable for them.

Advantages of selling on the Amazon Marketplace

you are able to quickly start selling in European Amazon services
you can expand your foreign sales, reaching customers in new markets
you increase trust in your brand
you manage your offer available in the marketplace through the administration panel
you handle orders from the Amazon Marketplace virtually identical to the other sources, thanks to the built-in WMS for e-commerce
you can define warehouses dedicated for sale on Amazon

Enormous possibilities of integration with the Amazon Marketplace

Automatically transfer orders from Amazon to the dropshipping wholesale store

At IdoSell, we focus strongly on automating repetitive activities to simplify and speed up the work. Thus, you can automatically transfer paid order from the Amazon service to the wholesaler handling dropshipping, who will take care of all logistics activities. Meanwhile, you can focus on marketing activities to acquire new customers.

[/en/shop/blog/orders-from-amazon-can-be-automatically-submitted-to-a-wholesale-store-that-supports-dropshipping-1235326387 Learn more about automatic transferring order to the wholesale stores|button]

Integrate with Amazon Marketplace, even if you have not previously shared your offer the IdoSell

In IdoSell, you can export offers from your store's administration panel to the Amazon Marketplace using the so-called "IAI code". You can also use the External System Code, thanks to which you will be able to handle orders with products that you have put up for sale in the Amazon Marketplace manually or through other sales systems. This solution will also allow for continuity when you migrate your e-commerce to IdoSell.
For correct integration using the External System Codes, it is enough that the products from your offer will be supplemented with the External System Codes and in the Amazon Marketplace account configuration you will select the option of uploading the External System Code to Amazon.

Automatic payment booking and issuing from a supplier warehouse

Make your work easier by automatically booking payments from Amazon. All you have to do is to run this option in the account settings in the shop panel. We also added the ability to issue from a supplier warehouse M0.

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Product bulk edit allows you to edit the price also for Amazon websites

Product bulk edit gives the opportunity to change almost all parameters of many products at the same time, without the need to manually edit each product separately. One of the most important parameters of the product - price - can also be changed in groups.

[/pl/shop/blog/grupowa-edycja-towarow-pozwala-na-edycje-ceny-takze-dla-serwisow-amazon-1235324970 Learn more about bulk product edit|button]

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by integration and to get acquainted with materials concerning the Amazon Marketplace:

Amazon sklep internetowy

How to start selling on the Amazon Marketplace?

IdoSell is the only platform in Poland that makes it possible to synchronize the shop offer with the Amazon Marketplace with a few clicks. The whole process is fully automated and allows you to reach all European Amazon websites. Thanks to easy integration, Amazon will become almost your online store. After creating an account on the Amazon website, you will get your access data - first of all, the seller's ID, which will help you integrate the online store with the service. Then select the "Sign up for MWS" option and go to the next store integration section. In the form on this page provide the name of the application (IdoSell) and its number, which is given on the webinar. The last step of integration is providing the "Merchant ID" in the panel of your online store.
The integration of the online store with the Amazon Marketplace also allows you to carry out many other configurations according to your own preferences. 
The most important element of product integration is having an EAN or SKU code. You do not need to pair the list of categories or specify your products in any other way. The Amazon Marketplace bases its integration on the product, not the store or its settings.

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