Warehouse management system. ERP system integration.

IdoSell gives you freedom to run your warehouse management processes according to your business requirements. You can generate and export sales documents directly in the administration panel and then import these documents into your sales system. With profit margin control turned on, you will be able to quickly examine sales profitability. Thanks to the built-in stock control module, you can manage dozens of warehouses and thousands of products. Having a few stores thanks to the multishop option, you can limit warehouses to selected stores.

Warehouse management

We want every shop owner to have the ability to choose only those features that suit their business needs and preferences. Therefore, IdoSell comes with several scenarios for warehouse management. You can manage your warehouse with our dedicated IAI Bridge application that synchronizes data with your ERP system. If you have your own ERP system, nothing prevents you from using it and running your warehouse management there.

Built-in IdoSell WMS

IdoSell has a built-in warehouse management system, with multiple warehouse support, tailoring logic to your requirements.

Standard administration panel feature

Ready integration with popular ERP programs

IAI Bridge is a maintenance-free application that will keep inventory coherence between your online store and an external ERP system.

Ready to use integration with the most popular ERP programs

Custom integration with any ERP program

The IdoSell API and IAI Bridge universal database allow you to download and send information about products, orders or customers to any external system.

Dedicated solutions for developers

Issuing documents

Issuing sales documents

In the IdoSell panel you can directly generate the most important sales documents, such as invoices, pro forma invoices, corrections, sales confirmations, return receipts, etc. If you have several stores in a single administration panel, you can customize each sales document to the needs and characteristics of your sales.

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inventory control

Stock level control

IdoSell warehouse management is fully automated and provides all information you need to fully control dozens of warehouses and thousands of products. Always up-to-date stocks will give your customers a sense of security and confidence.

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Profitability control

IdoSell profitability control

Controlling the profitability of online store sales can be hard due to a large amount of data that needs to be analyzed. IdoSell makes it possible to control the profitability both before and during the purchase. Based on the purchase price, the system controls the profitability of sales on a real-time basis. This makes it easy to analyze the margins for selected products, categories, manufacturers, and calculate the discounts and cost-effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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Assigning stores to magazines

Limit your warehouses to selected stores

In IdoSell you can freely manage your warehouses for selected stores. You can configure the system so that each shop in a multishop option has its own stock and warehouse.

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Export documents

Export of warehouse and sales documents

IdoSell allows you to export documents to EDI ++ (EPP) format, so that you can safely forward documents to the accounts department. Documents in EDI ++ (EPP) format can be imported into many accounting systems.

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Warehouse management system

WMS capabilities in online stores

By integrating closely with all online store elements, IdoSell offers a number of unique features not available in other ecommerce platforms. Each IdoSell component will work closely with our WMS module, which handles payment processes as well as issues sales documents .

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Would you like to optimize warehouse management processes in your online store? Are you planning to integrate your store with a dedicated ERP system?

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