Loyalty programme in online stores

A well-prepared loyalty program can build customer loyalty at a very low cost and make your customers more willing and more likely to shop in your store. This can be achieved without spending extra money on advertising. You can enable the loyalty program module in your IdoSell shop in a few clicks and increase the loyalty level of your customers.

Loyalty programme - advantages:

  • You have the ability to award points to your customers for various activities which can be exchanged for specific products from your offer
  • You can use any points to product converter
  • You may offer prizes, gadgets, free delivery or a discount
  • For every purchase a customer receives points that can be used in the next order. Loyalty is built by encouraging customers to purchase more (lowering prices with points)
  • You may combine loyalty program with loyalty cards, which will enhance customers’ satisfaction

Loyalty programme in the Omnichannel strategy

In IdoSell shops you can reward loyal customers in multiple sales channels.. Every IdoSell shop is provided with modern promotion tools that increase sales and customer loyalty. With the help of IAI POS application we may offer, e.g. loyalty cards,, vouchers or gift cards.

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What do you gain by using the IAI POS application?

  • You can combine information about offline and online shopping
  • You can verify your customers' accounts and the amount of their discounts. If you are rewarding regular customers in your online store with individual discounts, you can make them available at lower prices in traditional stores and vice versa
  • You have the access to quantity discounts, threshold discounts, gift vouchers, gift cards, special offers or free gifts.
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What constitutes a good loyalty program?

  • It should last for years
  • The rewards catalog should be well thought of, so that prizes are interesting from the customer's point of view
  • The rewards catalog should be clearly visible on the website in order to enable customers to have quick a access
  • You should properly promote the "loyalty program" to encourage our customers to participate in it
  • You need to introduce new prizes to the rewards catalog

How to make the loyalty program interesting. Tips!

  • Reinforce or advance sales, offering more points for merchandise before they go on sale
  • Create periodic promotions such as, e.g. 2x more points for items from the spring collection for a limited time
  • Constantly introduce new and exciting rewards from the customer's point of view

Easy configuration

  • Activate the loyalty program in a few clicks, set whether the points are to be collected on the client balance or the discount card balance.
  • Easily manage the setting of the number of points a customer is rewarded for buying a given item and the number of points a customer "pays" with for a product.
  • With the help of product bulk edit you may set a converter for all the goods in the offer

Loyalty program functions

  • Determining the rate at which the value of the item will be converted into points - if the customer sets the conversion rate to 4 points, for every 1 Euro spent, a product that costs 150.95 Euros will be available for purchase at 604 points
  • Rewarding for approved reviews and subscriptions to the newsletter
  • Determining the number of points a customer will pay for a product or will get for buying it directly in the product card and by product bulk edit
  • The loyalty program parameters are divided into wholesale and retail customers
  • In case of multishop option (many stores in one panel) points are collected on the client's account together, but for each store you can set the conversion rate separately
  • The loyalty program is run separately for each store installed in the IdoSell panel
  • Exchanging points for a chosen delivery method - you can determine the number of points that can be exchanged for a given form of delivery
  • Exchanging points for one-time discounts on a placed order - you can set the number of points that can be exchanged for a given percentage or a fixed amount discount
  • Exchanging points for permanent discounts assigned to a customer account - you can specify the number of points that can be exchanged for a given percentage or fixed amount discount
  • Easily control of the operations performed on your loyalty points thanks to the dedicated module "Loyalty program operations" (new)
  • Exchanging loyalty points for discounts to order
  • Customer loyalty points can be exchanged for one time discounts and for a placed order and for permanent discounts assigned to customer’s account. A discount may be a percentage or fixed amount, and the method of calculation depends on the configuration of discount codes . Exchanging loyalty points for one-time and fixed amount discounts is a complementary feature to the popular option of exchanging loyalty points for the selected delivery method

Activation of the new option for the exchange of loyalty points for discounts is possible in the section MARKETING on the page of ”loyalty program”.


Displaying loyalty programme in your online store may by customized


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