Logging in with an OpenID account

What are the benefits of logging in with the OpenID account?

Logging in with the OpenID account enables:

  • faster and comfortable way of signing in for your customers
  • increasing the level of customer loyalty and trust
  • more comfortable registration process
  • assigning a special discount for customers signing in with their OpenID accounts

Which customer account data are supported in the OpenID loginmechanism?

IdoSell supports standard attributes:

  • Name - namePerson/first
  • Last name - namePerson/last
  • Postal address - contact/postalAddress/home
  • Postal code - contact/postalCode/home
  • City - contact/city/home
  • Country - contact/country/home
  • E-mail - contact/email
  • Phone number - contact/phone/default

additional (experimental) attributes connected with a postal address:

  • Postal address - x/contact/postalAddress/shipping
  • Postal code - x/contact/postalCode/shipping
  • City - x/contact/city/shipping
  • Country - x/contact/country/shipping

Logging into the shop with the OpenID account:

How to enable logging in with the OpenID account?

The ability to log in with your OpenID account is available in all IdoSell shops and does not require any OpenID setup. All you need to do is to enable this option, according to the Plug&Play rule.

To enable this mechanism for a given service, just go to MODERATION / Shop behavior management and choose Login methods (option available when a template of at least one shop supports external login methods. Choose one of services from the list and fill in necessary data in the edit window. You can also assign a special discount to customers using a given login method.

From now on, a button for logging in with a chosen account will be visible on the login page of your store.

Notice from Graphics Department: In order to use the ability to log in with Facebook, Google and OpenID, template update is necessary. This function is supported by all STANDARD templates. All newly-created designs will also support this functionality. Current customers are welcomed to contact our Graphics Department and encouraged to use a mechanism increasing customer loyalty.