Full-text product search

IdoSell offers three work modes of the full-text product search. What is more, you are able to control the data which will be included in an index of the full-text search yourself. Thus, you have an influence on search mechanism control.

wyszukiwarka fulltext w IAI-Shop.com

A text search is one of the most important tools which enable finding products in your shop - it makes the process of searching for a given product efficient. The more accurate the search results, the greater the chance for purchase.

IdoSell offers you the full-text search which is integrated with your shop since the very beginning.
Other services designed for running online shops often require additional integration with product search tools, with the use of the full-text search. Using such services often equals a monthly payment in the amount of dozens of pounds. IdoSell offers it for free, no matter how big your product database is.

Trying to make product search easier, IdoSell also offers search suggestions for the full-text search. The search suggestions constitute an intelligent mechanism which displays, for example, matching products, news, CMS or producer's sites in the very moment of typing a text fragment in the search.

IdoSell product search works in three modes:

  • searching phrase fragments
  • searching phrase beginnings
  • searching full phrases

To know better product search work modes, please visit this site: Manual and full-text product search configuration