Categories Idosell - universal classifier of products, intended for integration with external systems

Precisely defined goods classifier set in many spaces and in many integration with external services - learn the wide application of Idosell categories, which guarantee a simplified start in integration with price comparison, Google Shopping tools and the website

What is Idosell category and where do we use it?

IdoSell category is a classifier, thanks to which you strictly specify what the thematic group should be given. This feature is determined separately for each product, independently assigned categories of products in the panel.

IdoSell category tree is universal and very detailed. This allows the use of categories in many integration. It is enough that the IdoSell Category for a given product will only specify once, and automatic attempt will complement the category on offer for external services, for the equivalent of the selected IdoSell Category.

Integration with Google Services

Currently, IdoSell Categories have replaced existing Google Shopping categories. All integration with Google services are already based on IdoSell Categories. These services are: IdoSell ADS, Google Shopping and many more.

In order to complete the new field, it was easy and understandable and the export of the offer to external services - unambiguous, IdoSell Categories have possible names to the Google Shopping category. In the following months, Google and IdoSell trees may differ more and more. IdoSell Category tree will be more detailed but and permanent. Possible attempts will be performed at the system level, which will secure you prior to the need to apply changes to the offer when a service with which you integrate changes the category tree.

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Application of IdoSell Category on

IdoSell Categories are also used when you send your discount code to the site If the products covered by the discount are properly classified on the Products tab, after sending the discount code to the Website, the discount will appear in the appropriate category. This allows you to consumers interested in your assortment, for faster reaching your store if you only share attractive discounts.

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In the future, the use of IdoSell Category will only be broadened - next services will be based on this category tree, and the administrative panel will gain more opportunities to analyze sales taking into account the IdoSell Category.

Assigning IdoSell Category to products

IdoSell Category You can assign to goods in several ways. In addition to the obvious change on the editing tab in the administration panel, the operations can be made from the group edition of the goods (for many products at the same time), and through API Administrative Panel