What we can do for your online store

At IdoSell we aim to support you and your business from the moment of your first contact with our sales department, during the implementation of your store, and throughout time you are expanding your business.

We believe that in order to focus on effective offer creation, store promotions, and customer service, you should be able to entrust most, if not all IT-related issues to qualified professionals. We provide you with consultants, all of whom have many years of experience in programming and graphical design, who know your shop thoroughly and can provide expert insight into your regular requirements.

Below we list several major areas related to the implementation and development of your B2C or B2B store. Whether you are implementing a new store or want to migrate an existing one to IdoSell from a different platform, you can take advantage of the full range of listed services.

If you already are our client, selling online, please also refer to the following range of services. You can commission them at any time by contacting the Web Development department.

Shop template

Part of the store implementation process, most frequently assigned to us by our clients is the design and execution of an online store template (B2B & B2C). This is a complex stage that requires the combination of knowledge and skills in a number of areas, such as graphic design, usability evaluation, layout design, web page coding, scripting to dynamic actions, responsiveness of pages (RWD) . All these activities combined with site testing and its basic configuration are often the biggest part of the work and the biggest challenge in implementing or redesigning your store.

We encourage you to entrust this work to our specialists. Experienced designers will create a vision that takes into account your preferences, the nature of the goods or services you sell, and your budget.

When you commission preparing a shop template, you will receive:

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The presented pages are divided into implementation packages , bearing in mind that the whole package is used only for the implementation of the shop's graphic mask. This will give you a point of reference for verifying your needs and budget, and include additional work in the list below.

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Data migration

If you already have a product or customer database, you do not have to start over. Product descriptions and photos, customer data, including list of email addresses for sending a newsletter can be imported to your IdoSell store. We advise entrusting this to our specialists who will import your data securely and in accordance with the rules you set.

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Initial store configuration

Even if you have not decided to commission us with preparing personalized graphics, remember that the right initial store configuration is key. We encourage you to commission entering initial configuration to our specialists, while familiarizing yourself with the administration panel. Once we explore your preferences and assortment, we will quickly and efficiently enable couriers for you and a variety of payment options, we will fill in company information to make sure your site looks credibly and set up stores so you can get started as quickly as possible. Thanks to such cooperation, the store launch itself will be faster and what you will learn at this stage, you will be able to use in further work.

Content preparation and entry

An online store is not just a list of products. You should also focus on information pages, both those that build the credibility and image of your business. Our services include creation and posting of content on such subpages as blog, knowledge base, landing page promotion, lookbook, etc. Get to know your customers and make a very important connection with them, which will make them confident and happy to come back to your store. We encourage you to commission creating such pages to our specialists who will take care of their technical side - proper display on every device as well as aesthetic - by introducing attractive illustrations, pictures and graphics.

Training your employees

You can explore the administration panel yourself and master all of its settings by referring to our website. If you do not have the time or the desire to do so, you can rely on remote training sessions we can organize. Training may be included in the initial implementation package, and involve topics such as features and modules that will be important to your store model. Additional training can be booked at any time after launch, and it can help you learn about new features and modules installed in your shop, and let you decide whether to deploy them in your store.

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Integration strategy development

Today's stores sell not only through their own websites. Our experts can help you plan and implement an effective centralized sales management strategy. As part of the implementation of the store, we will can take care of integration with your points of sale , with auction sites and price comparison services, and social networking sites. Even if a service you plan to integrate with is not yet supported by us, we can create a custom integration for you, including the ability to download orders to the administration panel so that you can manage all order processing in one place while maintaining inventory control over your offer.

Marketing strategy development

Creating a new shop or redesigning an existing one is a great opportunity to attract customer attention. Make sure that promotions you display to your new and returning customers look great. Depending on what effect you plan to achieve and what industry you represent, our specialists will advise you to focus on creating attractive banners, toplayers popping up in specific locations in the store, or maybe on newsletters that redirect traffic from emails. Take advantage of our creativity and experience.

Integration and individual solutions

IdoSell's unique Open SaaS™ philosophy allows you to build a range of integrations and solutions that meet your individual needs without interfering with the core platform, ensuring stability and security of your business. If your business requires non-standard functionality or integrations, we recommend contacting our developers, who will help you with planning and implementing custom solutions.

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Ongoing technical and design support after implementation

Our expert designers and developers are at your disposal throughout your time with IdoSell. You can ask questions, commission creation of custom graphics and other online store assets, email templates, etc. They will also help you in introducing useful changes to existing pages and measuring their effectiveness with A / B testing.

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When planning to launch a new store, think about which of the above activities and areas of activity you would like to leave to our specialists and which will be dealt with by yourself.

Our consultants will tailor our offer according to your business requirements and budget. Take a look at the different shop implementation methods described on the Implementation page .

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