Multiple stores in a single administration panel - efficient sales management with IdoSell

Are you planning to extend your offer with new products, open new bricks and mortar stores, or grow your business internationally. Thanks to IdoSell's built-in multi shop feature, you can efficiently manage any number of stores, all of which support multiple languages, currencies and are based on a coherent inventory management system.

When is it worth considering opening multiple stores?

  • When you are selling different types of products and would like to create separate stores with individually customised look & feel
  • When you are launching a new product line and would like to market it using a dedicated One Page Shop
  • When you would like to sell internationally under different brands, or different local features
  • When you would like to run separate B2B and B2C stores

How does it work?

You can manage events from all stores, configure products and warehouses, in a single administration panel.

  • Orders from multiple stores are available in a single queue, shared across all stores, which can be managed using the built-in WMS
  • If a single product is available in multiple stores, once it is purchased, stock levels are updated across all stores and external channels automatically
  • All events, such as new orders, customer registrations, complaints, returns etc. are clearly visible and can be managed efficiently.
  • You can filter events, orders, etc. using rules - for example view orders only for a specific store
  • Orders can be processed individually or in bulk
  • You can easily configure which store, or stores a given product should be available in, either one by one or in bulk
  • You can set different prices across different stores, for the same product
  • You can process dropshipping and cross-docking orders
  • The underlying product database is shared, which lets you quickly manage your offer, and any changes can be made available to any shop in seconds
  • Installing a new store, or deactivating an existing one takes only a few clicks

Can each store be fully customised?

Ile kosztuje multishop

How much does it cost?

Each additional store in the administration panel can be activated for only 39 USD, instead of the standard 99 USD. You will not have to pay any additional recurring charges - this is just a one off activation fee.

Ask us about running multiple stores

One universal store?

You can also run an online supermarket as a single store. IdoSell's customisable and intuitive navigation and filtering features will let you clearly present your offer, and your customers will have an easy time purchasing exactly what they are looking for.

Option to share configuration settings across all stores

The settings sharing feature is a great way to streamline the process of spinning up new stores in your administration panel. You can share some of the already configured options, integrations, etc. from existing stores and start using new stores even quicker.

Multiple store usage examples

Many IdoSell owners successfully utilise the multishop feature to grow their business. Have a look at some usage examples.

Frequently asked questions

Have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the multishop feature.

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