Tool to import and export customers independently

With customer import module you can create customer accounts in your store from data from a file or from external API

Import clients

We recommend the provided tool to both developers and normal intermediate users. If you are a beginner you can always use professional services of our specialists.

Taking into account the safety of using the tool, the whole import process has been divided into stages. This way you have full control over the individual data operations.

Stages of customer import:

  1. uploading the import file
  2. verifying the file structure
  3. data mapping
  4. importing data into buffer
  5. editing customers
  6. Importing customers into the store database
  7. notifying customers about creating new accounts

To begin the process of importing customer data into the IdoSell store database, you will need to have a file in CSV or XML format. We recommend that the CSV/XML file conforms to our technical specification.

If you don't have a properly prepared file, we suggest contact our specialists, who will get the data from your current solution.

Customer import module can handle even large CSV and XML files, so importing even tens of thousands of customers will go quickly and smoothly.

See instructions for importing customer database yourself

Customer Migration

Thanks to the customer migration module, you will quickly transfer your customers' data from the platform of another store you own to the IdoSell panel. Just a few simple steps will make the whole process go quickly and smoothly:

  1. choosing the right platform
  2. API configuration of the chosen platform
  3. automatic data download and saving to XML file
  4. Verifying the structure of the XML file
  5. Importing data into the buffer
  6. Editing customers
  7. importing customers to store database
  8. notifying customers about creating a new account

In order to start the process of customers' data migration to the IdoSell store's database, you need to have access data to the chosen platform and configured API access to the platform's panel.

Please see instructions on how to migrate your customer database yourself

Export customers

With the customer export module you will export your customer data to a file in CSV format. You can use the file to import customer data to another IdoSell store or for importing to an external CRM application. Remember that the data in the file can be freely modified with any text editor, so you can adjust the file structure to the requirements of any system.

See instructions for exporting customer database