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IdoSell frontend integration

IdoSell, unlike many ecommerce solutions offered in the Open Source model, provides dedicated tools for integrating the store front with the use of HTML and JavaScript snippets, without the need to modify the underlying source code of each template. With such approach you can, for example, react in real time to events occurring on the shop's webpage, add new elements to certain pages or change the look and feel of existing elements. There really is a lot of possibilities. As a developer, you have direct control over where each piece of code is placed and executed. Should it be visible only on product details pages? No problem. Should it fire only for logged in customers? Sure thing. Another useful scenario is executing some logic whenever the store is visited from specific sources, based on the supplied URL or session parameters, thanks to our built in CPA module. All this is available in a dedicated GUI in the IdoSell administration panel.

IdoSell backend integration

Administration Panel API

Are you planning an integration that requires some functionality available only to authorized administration panel users? IdoSell provides an open backed Administration Panel API which lets you, for example, process orders and payments, control stock levels, access and modify customer data, and more. All this lets you integrate any external system with our platform.

IdoSell Dropshipping API

Would you like to automate the dropshipping order handling process in your store? The dedicated CustomerAPI lets you do just that. The API and related data formats were designed with online shops and their suppliers, specifically to make dropshipping of orders more accurate and hassle free.


An ideal solution if you would like the system you are integrating to be notified of events occurring in a shop (push messages). Those include customer registrations, orders being places, newsletter subscriptions and more.

Dedicated tools for ERP system integrations

You have access to various dedicated tools when planning and carrying out an integration with an external ERP system, which can greatly speed up the entire process. However, nothing stops you from creating entirely new, custom integrations based on our open interfaces.

Open integration standards

In order to meet the requirements of the fast growing ecommerce market we created and maintain open integration standards, each with a detailed data format specification, which makes integrating external systems with IdoSell even easier. While designing and updating our open integration standards we take extra care to ensure they meet the current and foreseeable market requirements.

Formulas for calculating prices in JavaScript

It is a perfect solution for developers who want to calculate prices of their products in a non-linear way. The ability to take into account the complex configuration of the attributes of the products you offer (e.g. describing a roller shutter, offered in both standard and non-standard dimensions, in the case of which personalization will have a significant impact on its price) will allow you to define even the most advanced logic for calculating their prices. Such functionality cannot be achieved with standard "click" configurations.

Thousands of built in integrations


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