How to run the returns module?

Returns and warehouse configuration

For the purposes of the returns module, we added new warehouse settings. You can decide which (if any) warehouse/address will accept returns made in person and which one will accept returns sent by clients.

For the module to show correct data to customers, it is necessary to properly adjust the default return configuration. The tool for making the adjustments can be found in the administrative panel in the ADMINISTRATION \ Returns of sold products configuration module. These settings determine the values used for returns and the data (e.g. deductions) the customer sees in the returns tool.


Mask components need to be updated for the returns panel to display correctly.

  • Users with STANDARD layout have to download and publish a new version of the mask. This can be done in the MODERATION/ Mask change, update, edition and translation section.
  • Users with custom masks need to submit a ticket for change implementation.

Find out more about the way the returns section can be presented in the client panel in the shop front.

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