Your own HTML document templates

You can use ready-made templates or almost freely personalize printouts to adjust them to the design or information needs of your online store.

You can now define templates for:



  • Creating templates in HTML - In document templates in HTML or WYSIWYG edit mode, you can place texts, links, graphics, tables and many other elements. You can change the text color, family and size, as well as justification of elements.
    • Different fonts - Soon we will launch the ability to use different fonts for special characters. Currently, for the generated PDF documents to contain diacritics (e.g. Polish characters with petioles), one has to use the "DejaVu Sans" font in the HTML code of the template.
    • Define the header and footer repeated on each page - In order for the printed document to contain the appropriate permanent sections for the header and footer, the elements should be included in the HTML. Sections must be placed at the beginning of the document. For the header and footer, the appropriate margins should also be set for the body.
    • Automatically entered content - Thanks to the well-known "IdoSell variables", you can embed tags in your code that will be converted into values ​​such as from the order for which the document is generated. Variables, lists (foreach, for), event blocks (issetvalue, if) are supported. We have made it possible to generate a document with sample data to preview the final effect.
    • WYSIWYG editor - The main assumption of the editor is to present the data on the monitor in a manner similar to that obtained after printing them. Thanks to the WYSIWYG editor, less advanced users of the panel can modify the content displayed on the monitor in a simple and intuitive way. The ability to quickly add many elements such as pictures, tables or links affects the popularity of this type of tools. Please be informed that changing the edit mode from (HTML) to WYSIWYG, may cause the HTML code to be reorganized into the correct structure and the variables / event blocks can be rearranged, so that generating the document from the template may not work correctly.
    • Template duplication - First, we suggest to duplicate the default template, thanks to this you will learn the working structure of the HTML document. Now you can change the template yourself, depending on your individual needs. In the last step, look at the final visual effect of the PDF document with sample data. If the look does not meet your expectations, adjust it.
    • The ability to restore the saved version - For your safety, we introduced the "changelog" function, thanks to which you have a versioning system for templates. Every change that appears in any shop language will save the next version of the template. You can preview the previous changes at any time. If necessary, you can choose a template version from the list and restore it. Thanks to this, editing the template and changing its version is simple and fast.
    • Determining the order of documents to be printed - After selecting a given type of printed document template, e.g. the order, a list with the default and your own templates appears. Changing the order of templates changes the order on the list of the templates to be printed, so that the selection of the appropriate template matches the list of your own document templates.
    • ICF export/import - In addition to copying the HTML code, we also enable export and import from ICF (Internet Content Format), a single template or all templates at once. The ICF format is completely free, rules for using the format are described in the ICF format specification. Thanks to this format, you can freely transfer document templates both between stores in the panel and between different panels.
    • White-Label option - Please be advised that by default, each generated document has the word "generated by IdoSell" in the footer. It is possible to disable this inscription by enabling the paid option "white label". Contact our support department.
    • Template designed for you - If you would like to adapt the document template to the appearance of your store or your individual preferences, we suggest using our graphic department which, after receiving the request by the ticketing system, will propose and implement the appropriate solution for you.


  1. Choose MODERATION / Printed documentsin the menu
  2. In the "Own document templates" section, right next to a given kind of printed document template, click the link [choose]
  3. Choose the link Add a template
  4. Complete the form of your own document template
    1. complete Template name field
    2. choose appropriate options
    3. switch the tab to the appropriate language
    4. switch to the "Edit (HTML) or "Edit (WYSIWYG) mode
    5. fill the template content with HTML, CSS and available variables
    6. Choose Save changes
  5. To preview the added PDF document, select the link [Document preview with sample data]


Sales documents, i.e. VAT invoices, pro forma invoices and sales receipts, can be customized in the same way as printed documents. Templates for each type of document can be found in the section MODERATION / Printed documents.

In addition, the edition of the most common parameters of sales documents is in the 'MODERACJA / Dokumenty drukowane / Sales document printouts section and is fully reflected in the default sales document templates. There you can also edit:

  • default template for the store - language - type of sales document,
  • numbering and prefixes for sales documents,
  • the logo that appears on the invoice,
  • additional texts per language on sales documents