Warehouse Management System capabilities in online stores

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is often essential for medium and large, fast growing online stores to handle customer orders quickly, accurately and cost efficiently. Its aim is to provide repeatable and controllable order preparation steps, resulting in an efficient shipment process. Thanks to a well implemented WMS, the number of order handling mistakes can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated, which in turn translates to your customers always receiving what they paid for.

Warehouse management

Feature comparison

IdoSell is a professional ecommerce platform that provides online stores with back-end technology to manage their logistics processes. A typical WMS is built so that any type of business's processes can be implemented using hundreds of loosely coupled modules and integrations. IdoSell focuses on medium and large, fast growing online stores and provides solutions targeted specifically to omnichannel commerce, which can be implemented quickly. Thanks to this approach, the IdoSell WMS is the solution of choice for the vast majority of our clients.

Our WMS Classic WMS (without additional modules) Classic FA program
Does not need to be installed, integrated, implemented file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
All online store data is always up-to-date file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Automates the process of issuing order documents, receipts, improving the efficiency of including them when shipping an order file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Automatic order status flow and document printing file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Courier service integration file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Dropshipping and cross-docking support file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Product picklists file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Order control built for online commerce scenarios file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Inventorying file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Multiple delivery methods and times file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Industrial data collector support file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Stock control and verification
Warehouse operation documents
Sales reporting
Warehouse storage spaces and locations
Multiple warehouse support
Cost of sales control file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Sales accounting - invoices, fiscal receipts file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Payment system integrations, individual customer balances file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Supports any logistics process configuration file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
Truck fleet management support file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border file-gate.php?id=15323&ext=.png&border=border
feature comparison
WMS costs

Warehouse Management System cost

The main disadvantage of a classic WMS is a huge initial implementation cost. The IdoSell WMS is built into the service, and does require any extra investment to be utilised. Getting started with the IdoSell WMS takes only a few minutes. Thanks to its tight integration with other elements of our ecommerce platform, it provides a number of unique features out of the box. Each module present in the IdoSell administration panel is integrated into the WMS. Natomiast typowa integracja WMS z rozwiązaniami konkurencji ogranicza się tylko do pobierania informacji o tym kto i co zamówił, a na koniec procesu do zmiany statusu zamówienia na „wysłane”. Ponadto typowy system WMS - nawet taki, który kosztuje wiele milionów złotych - nie obsługuje procesu płatności i wystawiania dokumentów sprzedaży.

IdoSell built-in WMS features

Advice and training

Use our advice

A lot of organically growing businesses have trouble deciding which processes should be implemented to streamline their day-to-day operations. Often no order verification processes are put into place. This results in wasting precious time and resources on fixing arising mistakes and customer complaints.

If you are looking for ways to optimise your logistics processes, e. g. when handling more than 2,000 order each month, consider talking to one of our consultants. We possess years of experience in this area, based on helping thousands of our clients to implement successful strategies. A training session will help you grasp the required knowledge and implement advanced warehouse management techniques in your shop. Some of our biggest clients effectively ship several hundred thousand orders per month, all based on IdoSell's tools and solutions. You should also ensure that the work you carry out every day is optimal.

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order processing

Processing an order in an IdoSell online store

Order handling is one of the most comprehensive features of IdoSell. The number of options, statuses, conditions etc. can take some time getting used to. However, once you are up to speed with the process, you will be able to handle orders quickly and error free, which is the most important aspect of a successful online store. Thanks to detailed order statuses, clear payment and change history, you have a clear overview of what is happening with an order at each stage.

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print automation

Order document processing automation

IdoSell order processing automation ties closely into warehouse logistics processes and ensures your employees pack and ship only confirmed and verified orders. This greatly speeds up the work required to ship an order. A person handling an order does not need to go through a detailed list of orders and their statuses - they receive information related only to verified orders that need to be shipped at that moment.

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Sending electronic invoices

The IdoSell WMS can automatically generate invoices and print them on a local printer as well as send an electronic copy of an invoice to a customer's email address Electronic invoice sending is based on on the electronic data interchange (EDI) - same we use for settlements with our clients.

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Packing process optimisation

Packing process optimisation

The IdoSell WMS comes with the product picklist feature which is integrated into other parts of your store. The product picklist is a way to make the process of locating products required for shipment by a person handling orders easier, it groups products based on their location in the warehouse and clearly displays the required quantity, so that they can be transported to the packing location efficiently.

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Storage spaces and locations in warehouse

Storage spaces and locations in warehouse

Each warehouse configured in the IdoSell WMS supports an unlimited number of storage spaces. Each storage space consists of specific warehouse locations. Products can be assigned to storage spaces and locations, so that when product picklists are generated, products can be easily located in the warehouse by the person responsible for handling orders.

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order processing

Order verification

Order verification is a standard feature of the IdoSell WMS, which helps eliminate packing and shipment errors. After an order is verified, it will automatically be given the "ready to ship" status. At this stage, the necessary order documents will be generated automatically.

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ERP - more warehouse management features

IdoSell gives you freedom to run your warehouse management processes according to your business requirements. You can manage your warehouse with our dedicated IAI Bridge application that synchronises data with your ERP system. If you have your own ERP system, nothing prevents you from using it and running your warehouse management there. Otherwise, you can rely on the comprehensive, built-in IdoSell WMS module.

Learn more about different warehouse management methods
IAI Scanner

Order verification

IAI Scanner is an application that lets you use an industrial data collector to verify and pack orders. IAI Scanner can increase order handling efficiency by several thousand % and helps keep order handling errors to a minimum. It puts an end to long and daunting logistical processes associated with the intake and release of goods, and inventorying.

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generating and issuing labels

Barcode labels

IdoSell lets you generate and issue barcode labels for products straight from the administration panel. Those labels can then be used to quickly identify products with IAI Scanner, mark warehouse storage spaces and locations. They can also be customised as labels for products displayed in your brick-and-mortar stores.

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IAI Scanner

Fulfillment - comprehensive handling of warehouse processes

Fulfillment that is comprehensive service of warehouse processes by a specialized external company, is gaining more and more recognition among growing online stores, which are interested in meeting higher and higher consumer expectations. Instead of investing in your own warehouse facilities, you can rent them from specialists, and you will focus on increasing sales. At IdoSell you could use integration with Arvato, but we have always appreciated giving freedom of choice. Therefore we give you 3 (Arvato, OEX and Omnipack), various offer of fulfillment leaders in Poland. However, they are connected by full and very good integration.

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Would you like to handle customer orders quickly and error free? Are you looking for ways to optimise your existing shipment process?

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