Web import, update and restoring products from a backup

Do you want to transfer products from any system to IdoSell Shop or update the offer on-line, based on the wholesaler's feed? Or maybe you want to restore lost data from a backup? If you answered yes to any of the questions, our system for importing and updating the product database is the solution for you.

What is the import, update, and restore module for copy products?

It is an intuitive mechanism for mass data entry of both new and existing products. For greater clarity, it has been divided into the following modes:

  • Mode of adding new products (mod=add)
  • Mode of updating the existing products (mode=actualize)
  • Mode of synchronizing products (adding new and updating existing ones) (mode=synchronize)
  • Mode of synchronizing products continuously from remote location (mode=continuous)
  • Mode of synchronizing products continuously from a supplier (mode=provider)
  • Synchronize products via API (mode=api)
  • Restore products from backup (mode=backup)

How does this work in the IdoSell store?

Each mode consists of three steps:

  1. uploading the file and selecting the template of product attributes to be imported, updated or restored
  2. verification, processing and preparation of relevant requests to API
  3. importing data, i.e. execution of the requests by the relevant API (Products and ProductsSynchronization)

So first you upload a file from a specified local or remote source. Then the system checks if the file has a valid XML or CSV structure and appropriately automaps it taking into account the list of selected product attributes (selected import template) which are to be handled in the import. After mapping all the information, the system creates appropriate requests to the API on their basis. Their execution completes the import process. The module supports data formats: XML and CSV, the structure of which has been prepared in our recommended IOF 3.0 standard.

About supported data formats

The data import source for the new tool can be a local file, a remote URL, a text or a backup. At the moment the tool running in BETA mode supports XML and CSV files in IOF 3.0 format.

By operating on files in the structure IOF the module automatically recognizes all field types, so the user doesn't have to map them manually.

How to add custom import, update or restore product data?

More about the product import module More about restoring from a backup

How to add synchronization of products continuously from offer retrieved from remote URL location or from different vendors added in panel?

More about offer synchronization from remote location More about offer synchronization by supplier code

Is it better to use the web module to update the product database or the IAI Downloader app?

The tool made available in the IdoSell Shop panel is an alternative to the IAI Downloader application. To help you in making the decision, please have a look at the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each solution in the table:

Web tool IAI Downloader application
Working on any operating system requires only a browser requires MS Windows
Working without installing the program
Working without additional fee requires a paid additional subscription
Working "out-of-the box" requires initial configuration
It does not charge API requests for the Cloud subscription
Server offloading when updating all changes are compared to the product database on the server changes are first compared to the local database and only differences are sent
An automated process of updating the offer from suppliers in preparation based on the new IOF format

Or do the work yourself?

The tool for importing, synchronizing and restoring products from a backup copy shared in the administration panel is dedicated to advanced users, developers and partners. If you are a beginner user, we recommend using professional services of our specialists.