Create an online supermarket with a few stores in one panel

At IdoSell shop we have solved the problem of large, heterogeneous stores. It is often the case of multi-brench shops that they need completely separate navigation, layouts, graphics, product details, etc. It may be profitable for sellers to create for such branches separate domains, and even using DEDICATED CLOUD technology, and separate IPs for such stores. The introduced changes prove that the standard platform can compose very custom solutions at a low price.

A few years ago, we introduced the system of multiple stores in one panel which was at that time a breakthrough. IdoSell stores offers now remembering customer's session across multiple stores. Thanks to this solution, a client who visits one shop from the panel, after clicking on a link, image, flash, etc. is directed to the second store in one panel, within the same session. The customer is still logged in, and all the goods added to the cart are still in the basket.

What can I benefit from IdoSell research?
Our system enables to build multi-branch shops by combining a few shops in one panel. For example, an online super-market can be a combination of a household appliance store, a drugstore and perfume store, a fashion store, and a shoe shop. These stores can be named differently, i.e.,,,,, Można też wykorzystać subdomeny i nazywać je,,, i

Each of these stores may have the same offer, but completely separate navigation and graphics. For security reasons, we have retained the principle that prices can be determined competitively for each store. Then the same merchandise in two stores, can be added in the shopping cart at a different price. This feature, however, perfectly complements the new navigation where the item may not be placed under any menu link. Each store can have the same of different payment and delivery methods (delivery and payment profiles modules).