Custom ecommerce solution development

Thanks to the Open SaaS™ philosophy, our service allows us to build a range of integrations and personalized solutions to meet your unique needs. Building additional programs and applications is secure and stable, as the core platform code remains unchanged.

Our developers base their solutions on many available options of communicating with the administration panel and the store. This way, you retain the full functionality of the engine and the site, and further expand it with your individual applications and tools.

We recommend using the services of our specialists while implementing any projects integrating and providing unusual features to your store. By outsourcing such tasks, you make it easier for us to coordinate your work because there are fewer companies involved in one project. You get very competent service, since we work on our own solutions and our own API. Thanks to our experience we can advise you on the most effective and scalable solutions.

What can we do for you?

  • Implement custom solutions sending push notificaitons using webhooks
  • Build dropshipping integrations
  • Integrate external CRM and ERP solutions
  • Create custom order processing modules
  • Automatic product operations
  • Automate atypical order and customer handling processes
  • Generate custom data for display on the store

Hosting additional applications

Most individually written applications will need individual. We offer a comprehensive approach and we provide additional hosting for your applications, so you do not have to worry about this aspect. We can also install programs on external hosting of your choice.

Price list for hosting additional applications you'll find at Detailed price list of the IdoSell service


We work based on the time & material principle - charging you only for the time spent working on a project. Paid tasks on custom solutions include analysis and consultations, solution development (programming), installation and configuration, testing, training, upgrades and developing additional functions. Programming custom solutions can also be included in a store implementation package and be part of a scheduled turnkey implementation.

Our specialists can help you estimate the required budget and adjust the required scope of work according to your needs.

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