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CHANGELOG IdoSell (15.01.2024 - 19.01.2024)

As part of the IdoSell changelog, we periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoSell software. Invariably, we publish project news and information about the release of new functionalities within separate entries. The following changelog release presents the scope of changes 15.01.2024 - 19.01.2024.

Checkout Process

  • We have improved the process of sending Checkout Process transaction messages when placing orders via OSCOP via social media.
  • We have improved the performance of the COP configuration settings when different options were affecting each other in an undesirable way.
  • We simplified the COP configuration in terms of defining the custom content of the button that is used to confirm an order for any shop other than shop1.
  • We eliminated the situation where logging in via Express Checkout or OSCOP sent an account registration message.


  • We added the ORLEN Parcel courier to the expense list in the CSC in the IdoSell Broker section.


  • We improved the currency transfer in fb pixel events on /basketedit.

Google Ads

  • We have added the display of a Google Ads API error message when creating a text ad based on a promotion.

Commodity list

  • We have improved the functioning of the addresses to goods in the goods list. They direct to their counterpart in the correct language version of the shop.


  • We have improved the option to set the currency in purchase prices on external return documents.

Special offers

  • We have improved the margin calculation for complimentary goods added as part of a special offer.



  • We have clarified the calculation of end times for promotions submitted to XML.


  • We have made changes to the generation of hreflangs (applies to crossborder shops).

Commodities and prices

  • We added refreshing the commodity cache after editing the minimum price in the panel.

Integrated payment systems

  • We eliminated the situation where PayPo was inadvertently offered to wholesale customers.
  • We have improved the operation of PayPal payments. When the panel has different PayPal accounts assigned to different payment profiles, payments post to the correct PayPal account.


  • We have combined the settings module for returns and complaints ("Administration / Warehouse and logistics / Configuration of returns of sold goods" and "Administration / Configuration of the complaints department (RMA)") into one module, with a refreshed interface: "Administration / Returns and Claims Configuration".
  • We have improved the proportional calculation of the cost of return in relation to the quantity of goods from the original order on the shop side.
  • We have optimised the calculation of the correct currency of the shipping amount in returns added manually for Amazon FBA.

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