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We handle hundreds of thousands of transactions generated by thousands of IdoSell online stores every day. What we create and describe in this section is the valuable knowledge resulting from hard data, analyses and our observance of Polish and global e-commerce.

Blog - IdoSell online stores (August 2018)

Online store combined with product catalog turned out to be an ideal way to generate sales leads for advanced systems offered by Europa Systems

Individual solutions prepared for Europa Systems diverge quite far from the standard implementation for a typical online store which main goal is to sale online. In case of a tailor-made system prepared for Europa Systems, the roles are reversed. The main goal of the system is to generate sales leads for advanced systems, which, combined with traditional online sales, drive organic website traffic and "sell products without prices" (in the form of the Product Catalog).

Accelerate operation and improve SEO of the store thanks to consistent size of graphics on all devices and abandoning the flash format

We are introducing a number of changes in the graphics that can be uploaded to the IdoSell Shop to increase the visual appeal of stores and thus, to increase the product sales. We enable control over the size of banners, buttons and ads, and we remove flash ads, thanks to which you can be sure that your store will be displayed correctly on every device, operate faster and have a higher position in search engines. Similar changes await another elements of the store, namely graphics in the menu nodes.