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Blog - IdoSell online stores (August 2022)

Boost your sales in foreign markets with this new feature from IdoSell. IdoPay payments with 19 new currencies.

Customers who shop online expect that they will be able to pay for their purchases in their local currencies. That is why merchants who want to start selling in more markets should provide them with such an option. At IdoSell, we want to make it easier for merchants to start selling cross-border. Thus, we are introducing a new feature - processing of 19 new currencies in IdoPay.

If you send emails from the shop via Google servers (, enable Google account authentication instead of the less secure connection via SMTP

If you send emails from the shop via Google servers, it is already possible to authenticate the connection to the server with a Google account. For free accounts, this is necessary to continue sending emails. For paid Google Workspace and Google Cloud Identity services, it is still possible to use a traditional, less secure connection over the SMTP protocol (which we do not recommend).