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Blog - IdoSell online stores (July 2017)

We are unveiling a new version of the Administration Panel API documentation. Have a look at what has changed recently.

The Administration Panel API documentation has undergone extensive visual changes, and now enables switching between API versions and comparing changes between versions globally, for the entire API, and granularly for each endpoint / method. New endpoints were introduced - DiscountGroups, which allows for discount group management, GiftCards and Vouchers, for managing gift cards and vouchers. Existing endpoints received new methods, as well as functionality updates to existing ones - Products, GetProducts, SetProducts, RMA, Orders, GetOrders and Payments. Some of the new functionality includes the ability to process cash back refunds to customers with external payment systems that support cash backs.

Create your own plugin with the ability to configure it via shop, thanks to adding your own configuration fields

Our Open SaaS ™ strategy allows you to create secure plugins resistant to changes, which are based on web integration. Previous mechanisms had one important limitation. Plugin had to be installed as a whole, so if you needed to introduce changes in the configuration, e.g. to enter a customer number, it was necessary to modify the code. Such a plugin was no longer super-easy to install and it was possible to spoil integration. In order to meet the needs of developers and our customers, we have created a new version of the plugin mechanism that allows you to define configuration fields. This way, the plugin code does not need to be changed to, for example, enter customer ID, key or any other parameters. The new feature is available for CPA programs, webhooks, and HTML / JavaScript snipptes on store pages. The new mechanism gives developers the ability to enter any of their own configuration fields at the campaign level.