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CHANGELOG IdoSell (29.01.2024 - 02.02.2024)

As part of the IdoSell changelog, we periodically report on news, updates and changes to the IdoSell software. Invariably, we publish project news and information about the release of new functionalities within separate entries. The following changelog release presents the scope of changes 29.01.2024 - 02.02.2024.


  • We have changed the insurance currency when generating the label for shipments from Poland to the Czech Republic. The change is for DPD and DHL couriers in Send with Allegro.


  • We have improved the functioning of the packaging module in the shopping cart. The changes concern the situation when packaging was transferred between shops.
  • We have improved the integration with PayPal. The improvements concern the handling of additional conditions responsible for defining the correct language of the payment form relative to the language of the shop.


  • We have optimised the mechanism for adding redirecting subdomains [CNAME].

Administrative panel

  • We added phrases to the panel search engine to make it easier to find the configurations responsible for Checkout 2.0 and InPost Pay.
  • We have improved the operation of the calendar in the sections that allow the selection of a date range.

Loyalty programme

  • We have improved the way we determine whether an order has been paid for when accruing points under the loyalty programme.

Transaction messages

  • We have optimised the performance of the [iai:deliveryaddr_phone] variable. The change relates to returning the phone number assigned to the recipient's order.

Template management

  • We have improved the mechanism responsible for migrating templates to Composer.

Returns and complaints

  • We have improved the returning of returns and complaints status data in idoapi.

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