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Blog - IdoSell online stores (November 2020)

Annouced changes to invoices with due date

From today we start the installation of the changes, which will separate from the B2B module part of the functionalities concerning the invoice with due date, so that for some functionalities it will not be necessary to subscribe to the B2B module.

You can now enter non-delivery days for courier deliveries, thanks to which customers will receive realistic delivery times during holidays

We have extended the functionality of the "Free days management" module also to set days off from courier deliveries in Poland. From now on, the non-working days introduced will affect not only the delivery time at the shipping warehouse, but also the days of courier deliveries in Poland. We have also introduced public holidays for you to the calendar of the "Free days management" module for the next two years ahead

More items will be included in the disk space occupied by your shop; We have added a tool for deleting old data, which will keep the charges at the current level

Keeping in mind the availability of disk space, we have noticed that you take care of removing e.g. unnecessary goods and photos. Unfortunately, other elements of the store, were not removed and over time, after years, they started to take up much more space than photos. Which is why we introduce changes. First of all, we start to count this space as occupied by the shop (and paid according to the regulations and price list). In order to allow you to keep the fees at the current level, we introduce a tool for self-cleaning old and potentially unnecessary data. This way, we have kept the possibility to leave the charges at the current level or to keep the data and bear the costs, so please decide for yourself which option is appropriate for you.