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We handle hundreds of thousands of transactions generated by thousands of IdoSell online stores every day. What we create and describe in this section is the valuable knowledge resulting from hard data, analyses and our observance of Polish and global e-commerce.

Blog - IdoSell online stores (November 2012)

The on-line stores can now sell their products on Amazon!

The has been a pioneer in gaining new markets for its customers since the very beginning. We were the first company in Europe, that offered full integration with all auction sites of both Allegro Group (Central Europe) and all eBay (worldwide) sites. Today new big player joins those two. It's the long-waited Amazon. To be exact, it's Amazon Marketplace, where on-line stores can share their offers. The integration is two-way and available for all our stores. It doesn't matter, whether you sell from the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany or Poland.

SEO basics - Manual for our customers and partners!

Good ranking in search results is not a secret, magic knowledge. It's accurate structure and a few basic techniques (well-used). These may be quite obvious, but 90% of stores (and other websites) lose precious positions. Along with Traffic Trends, our SEO partner, we prepared a special manual - "SEO Basics".

New module to handle orders, that were returned, not collected by customers

Order not collected by customers are problematic not only in financial dimensions, but also in organizational. Such orders need to be sent with new shipping documents, you need to register payments once again, issue new sales documents etc. If such returning order needn't to be sent again, you need to accept products to stock and apply these changes in multiple places. From today organization matters are not problematic anymore. New module allows to perform these scenarios with 2 clicks. The takes care of the rest.

IAI POS 3.0 - now with support for personal collections in stationary stores

Personal collections is an alternative to home delivery, when selling on-line. Customer orders a product and - when it's ready for collection - get it from one of your stores. So the personal collection not disrupt normal store operation (and servicing all other current customers), this process need to be handled as standard cash sales. We answer this problem with our ultra-modern cash position application - IAI POS 3.0.

Triggered messages - one of the best marketing tools now available in the on-line stores

Triggered messages (e-mail or SMS) are an addition very important for all on-line stores. There are multiple uses of this tool and allow to e.g. acquire feedback, award active clients or send periodic guidebooks. In other system, it usually requires using complicated (in terms of integration and use) external systems. In the you just pay a flat monthly fee of £9,75/11,25€ for using the E-mail Marketing Pro service.