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Blog - IdoSell online stores (January 2022)

How to create banner ads that sell? Check out tips from IdoSell

A web banner is a type of graphic advertisement that is placed on a website. Its purpose is to attract and encourage the recipient to read the message, i.e. the advertisement. Clicking on the banner takes the customer to the promoted page, for example, to a given product category or to a specific commodity. How to create banners that sell? Which banners are most often clicked on? What are good and bad practices for creating banners? You will find out in the article below.

The summary of changes in STANDARD templates and components for the Composer tool in January 2022

On January 27th we have released new versions of STANDARD templates and components for Composer tool containing a number of changes and improvements. We have simplified the way of informing about shipping and delivery times, enabled 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay and introduced native support for Instagram integration. Sold out products notification prompt and shopping lists have been rebuilt allowing you to quickly buy multiple items at once. STANDARD 3 v3 has received a major overhaul of filters, and the Composer tool has gained a suite of new gallery and HTML banner components.

Fulfillment for e-commerce. When is it worth running an online shop without a warehouse?

Fulfillment for an online shop means outsourcing logistics and taking over the warehouse from an external partner. This partner then processes orders, handles returns, negotiates contracts with couriers and is responsible for packaging the goods. Thanks to this you can save time and money which you invest in maintaining your own warehouse. Check what are the advantages of fulfillment and for whom it will be the best solution.

Why is shop design crucial for conversions? Take care of your online image

ow an online shop looks and what first impressions customers have is of great importance for conversions. UX, or user experience, is the principle of designing a website so that it is as practical and intuitive as possible, easy to navigate and pleasant to browse. Which shops sell the most? Why is it important that the design of a shop is usable? Find out in the article below.