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Blog - IdoSell online stores (June 2021)

Dynamic Pricing & Product Groups - Independence that pays off

E-commerce is all about independent online stores. However, rapidly growing marketplaces, that promise easy income, are attracting more and more merchants. In order to survive on an auction site, you have to constantly lower the prices of your products (and pay a high margin at the same time). What if we told you that there is a tool that allows you to sell products at the same price as on Allegro, and the money saved on the margin you will be able to invest in advertising? This will give you independence and allow you to build your own brand. How to do it? We' d like to introduce ((dynamic-product-groups| Dynamic Pricing & Product Groups)) - a new feature from IdoSell.

Invoices for IAI services will be sent to email from now and will be much more transparent

We have prepared changes in the billing system, awaited by many IdoSell and IdoBooking clients. Invoices and proforma will be sent to an e-mail address, and not via message as it was before. Moreover, on the invoice itself, we've put a summary of what categories of services make up the invoice, and we've added a detailed list of charges for these services in the CSC.

Export products to Amazon by specific region

Today, you can use the additional option to split the export of selected products on specific Amazon services. The change will allow you to easily customise your offer to market differences such as brand restrictions. With this option you can also start sell in new markets smoothly, significantly reducing the risk in the regions you have served so far.