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In IdoSell Shop, on a daily basis, we handle hundreds of thousands of on-line orders generated by thousands of our clients. Everything that we describe in this section really influences the Polish and the Global e-market.

Blog - IdoSell online stores (November 2016)

IdoSell Shop supports wholesale and retail online stores conducting sales in a dropshipping model due to built-in mechanisms automating processing orders in an open ICDF standard

Do you have an online wholesale store and you offer shipping products in a dropshipping model? If yes, we have just prepared the first open online wholesale store solution enabling taking orders in a dropshipping model, with a full automation of their processing through wholesaler's WMS. Are you considering retail sales without the need to store products? You can start placing dropshipping orders in IdoSell wholesale stores supporting such way of order processing even today.

Now you can list product groups as single multi-variation listings, at the same time minimizing eBay sales costs.

We have added the ability to list product groups as a single multi-variation listing. Thus, you can lower the costs of selling through eBay and make your offer more attractive. Previously you could list single product sizes, or so-called multi-variation listings on eBay, where variants differed in size only. From now on, IdoSell Shop enables listing grouped products, thanks to which you can list a few products with different prices and photos based on the same distinctive parameters in a group.