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Blog - IdoSell online stores (April 2016)

IAI POS Omnichannel 5.1 now supports loyalty cards

Together with IAI POS 5.1, we continue our development towards more efficient support for offline sales combined with online sales ((uk/shop/omnichannel|(omnichannel))). The newest version includes a more convenient and intuitive support for loyalty cards, which enables combining information about online and offline sales on the customer account, advanced customer data validation, more comprehensive interface in customer search process, as well as creating customer accounts.

You can now prepare feeds (files) with an online shop offer - feeds can have any structure and any content

It is yet another new feature of IdoSell Shop being Open System as a Service, as we enable introducing file modification with a full product offer, without the need to modify IdoSell Shop source code. Thanks to this functionality you can prepare an XML file including your shop offer (Products Feed) according to requirements of, e.g. a new price comparison service you want to integrate with. From now on, if there is no ready-to-use integration, you can create it yourself, upload an XSLT operation to a price comparison service or commission it to our specialists.

New IAI Bridge 6.10.7 supporting Trusted Shops certificate, choosing customer groups during data update, allocating cash payments and changing order statuses in SAP B1 is now available.

New IAI Bridge version, 6.10.7, introduces the ability to allocate Trusted Shops certificate support costs for all integrated ERP systems, as well as choosing customer groups for which chosen data should be updated. What is more, two new modules have been added for SAP B1: allocating cash payments and changing order statuses.