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New Refunds gateway within API Admin. Easy management of refunds for orders

We have developed a complete solution that will enable you to make refunds of order deposits via API. This way you don't have to waste time manually managing order funds.

The full functionality of the API in terms of deposit refunds means that you can request withdrawals both from the admin panel and from outside the panel. With the new solution, you can retrieve information about deposits made to an order, prepare and approve automatic withdrawals (previously called cashbacks), as well as add manual withdrawals (e.g. cash, refund to customer balance). The new API will also allow you to order cashbacks for merchandise returns and complaints.

Key benefits of the new API:

  • Returns automation -' The new API enables full management of the refund process for order deposits, via external systems. This automates the process and saves the company time and resources.
  • Flexibility and personalisation - The API allows for both automatic and manual withdrawals, which means more control and customisation options for the process.
  • Versatility - The API allows for various types of returns, including merchandise returns and claims.
  • Full information on payments for refundable orders. - The ability to download full information on deposits available for return, makes financial management and decision-making easier.
  • Compatibility with external systems - Through the use of APIs, the new solution can be easily integrated into existing systems. This simplifies implementation and minimises the need for lengthy system conversions.

List of prepared API methods in the 'Refunds' gateway:

  • addAutomaticRefund. - add automatic refund to the indicated refund or claim
  • addAutomaticRefundForOrder - add automatic refund to the indicated order
  • addManualRefund - add manual refund to indicated return or claim
  • getPossibleAutoRefunds' - return a list of possible automatic refunds to the indicated order, return or claim
  • getRefundStatus - get the status of the indicated refund
  • updateRefund - update amount and currency of indicated refund
  • confirmRefund - confirm indicated refund
  • cancelRefund - cancel indicated refund
  • retrieveRefundsList - retrieve list of all unapproved refunds

All of the resulting methods are available within both the legacy Admin API (SOAP) and the new Admin 3 API (REST).

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