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Blog - IdoSell online stores (October 2020)

We will automatically transfer all IdoPay payments in collective transfers to your account

Until now, each of the pay-by-link and BLIK payments from IdoPay has been transferred directly to your bank account, while card payments have recently been sent in collective, automatic transfers. From November 4, we are standardizing the method of withdrawals so that all payments are transferred in the same way, i.e. no more than once a week, they can be collected collectively on your account.

All IAI Pay payments and commissions for them can now be found in one place in CSC

The IAI Pay payment system, apart from the most attractive offer, is also characterized by a high level of transparency. In one place, we have collected a list of all IAI Pay payments along with detailed information on the commission. Thanks to this, you will have no doubts that you are taking advantage of the most profitable offer.