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We handle hundreds of thousands of transactions generated by thousands of IdoSell online stores every day. What we create and describe in this section is the valuable knowledge resulting from hard data, analyses and our observance of Polish and global e-commerce.

Blog - IdoSell online stores (August 2016)

New Terms&Conditions and IdoSell Shop Price list effective from 1st October 2016

Important changes regarding popular services and functionality of IdoSell Shop have been introduced in the terms of use. The changes include i.a. new terms of the Supporting Applications subscriptions, migration to higher subscription plans, usage of disk space and management of implementation packages for new shops. Our new view on these matters ensures even higher safety and effectiveness of IdoSell Shops.

Changing variants of each bundle/collection component is now possible

The order details page in the IdoSell Shop administration panel now includes the ability to change variants of each bundle/collection component, even such components that do not allow a customer to choose a variant. This new functionality significantly facilitates handling orders where customers ask for changing a variant of the purchased bundle component. It also helps in handling marketplace orders, where listing multi-variation products is not possible.

Smells like coffee! Konesso - case study of a successful omnichannel coffee business

Over the past three years, became one of the leading online coffee stores in Poland, with tens of thousands of customers praising their product quality and service. Coffee connoisseurs may also enjoy a hot cup in person, in one of Konesso's brick-and-mortar shops. How do they manage all this? Have a look at our case study and a short interview with Grzegorz Bienko - Konesso's owner.

New WMS features: IAI Printer printouts ready right after the verification process, order verification available for more statuses on the product card

Warehouse Management System (WMS), including the module enabling shipment-order verification, has just gained a new functionality of IAI Printer printouts available right after the verification process. It will significantly facilitate the process of completing documents necessary for orders, since they are available just when you need it – right before shipping the parcel.

ISF - new, open integration standard for communication between couriers and IdoSell Shops

After extensive testing we are making available a new integration standard, based around the Internet Shipment Format. The format allows for detailed parcel descriptions and handles typical events related to online trade (e.g. orders and product returns). Thanks to this standard, our shops can be quickly and easily integrated with external services, further streamlining the order handling process.

Guidebook: Why your brand's Facebook profile is a must-have in an online store marketing strategy?

Social media constitute an important and valuable online business channel. Facebook is a perfect and obvious example, as it includes fanpages, advertising system, events, ratings, opinions and, what is the most important, allows you to target specific customer groups who spend their time on social media. The tools are already there - what is left is learning how to use them effectively. How do you achieve your business goals through Facebook?