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Blog - IdoSell online stores (July 2018)

The new Product Recommendation module aggregates all the recommendation options in one place and gives access to new, free, smart recommendations

We present a new module of Product Recommendations, thanks in one place in the panel you will be able to manage all the recommendations in your store. We have collected the options dispersed elsewhere in it. We have also added available from August 1 without additional fees, intelligent recommendations and the ability to enable them yourself.

Important changes have been made to Google Maps, which may negatively affect the operation of the store

Google API keys were not required from the beginning of integration with Google Maps. Already a year ago, Google started to enforce API call limits more and more restrictively and for larger stores we introduced the optional possibility of providing our own development key, which, after paying a small fee, allowed for unlimited number of views. Unfortunately, there have been quite large changes in the Google Maps service recently.