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Blog - IdoSell online stores (August 2020)

B2B functionalities in the IdoSell Shop

B2B functionality is a set of modules designed to simplify contacts between companies. As part of our current work, we will group the functionalities available in the panel, typically intended for contacts between companies.

Unexpected IAI Pay downtime

Please be advised that, unfortunately, due to an incorrect change installed today in the IAI Pay payment system, we had to turn off the system for about 2 hours. We are currently restoring the system to full functionality and we hope to restore the possibility of paying with all forms of payment as soon as possible.

We are releasing a new module to generate and download JPK files with JPK V7M and JPK FA(3)

From 1 October 2020, the obligation for all VAT payers to send documents in the new format to the Tax Office comes into force. In order to facilitate the process of settlement with the Tax Office, we have introduced the possibility to generate JPK documents in accordance with the V7M and FA(3) structure. While on it, we have rewritten the module generating and sharing JPK files.

We provide a new repository of original photos and tools that will allow you to better customize your shop.

Up until now, when modifying a picture of the products using our photo profile mechanism, we left only the resulting picture in the administration panel. From now on, you can decide whether you want the original photo to remain in the administration panel, so that you can use it repeatedly, e.g. as a source photo for the next store in the panel or as a photo to which you can restore an already modified photo of the product.