Create your own documents with and change them freely during your work with the! allows to define your own templates used later to generate different types of documents. Currently it allows to generate the following templates:

  • Product offer printout,
  • Documents for orders,
  • Complaint documents,
  • Documents for products to put aside,
  • Documents for products to move,
  • Documents for orders from supplier,
  • Loyalty cards,
  • Stock/warehouse documents,
  • Protocol of fiscal receipt cancellation.

Thanks to use of active variables mechanism (variables list can be found on every page in panel, that allows to use them) you can easily create your own printouts, that will meet your demands in terms of their look and functionality and - by i.e. placing your logo on them - will allow to build brand awareness among your customers.

Notice: We recommend using free Open Office Writer application to edit templates. If you have Microsoft Word that also supports ODT files, template edition is also possible. We however strongly advise against using Word headers and footers.